World Wide Construction comes to a Shuddering Halt - Jehovah's Blessing has Evidently been Suspended!

by Slidin Fast 113 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • Vidiot

    @ Londo1111...

    Ironic, considering the GB was originally formed to prevent one particular guy from mandating increasingly-worse decisions and policies...

  • millie210

    HI vidiot,

    I thought that the GB didnt do any of that type of work? Accounting that is.

    According to Jackson testimony, they dont even write the literature..they just sit around and approve stuff.

  • Vidiot

    They first wrested absolute control away from Fred Franz in the wake of 1975, primarily to prevent that from happening again (because he was the one most directly responsible for it), and that particular bunch were a much more active, hands-on group of individuals. I'm quite certain some of them were involved in the accounting side of things.

    However, as the GB aged, become more and more habit-bound, and dwindled down to just a handful of guys, it settled into a pattern of rubber-stamping.

  • done4good

    There are a few things that can be said for sure, but they are mostly general.

    The WT is an authoritarian organization.

    Authoritarian organizations, are reactionary by nature.

    Many major changes have taken place, (financial structure wise, as well as social), that point to an organization in transition, and has been in earnest, at least since 2012, and some changes several years before that.

    WT is under enormous legal and PR pressure on several different fronts. (Child abuse, shunning, blood, charity in question, etc.).

    My best guess is something went pop, and something anticipated, (but not strategically planned for), came upon the organization, or they are expecting it to, hence the 180.

    Otherwise, the pieces of the puzzle just don't fit without resorting to conspiracies. Conspiracy theories are wrong at least 99% of the time.

    Look at the big picture.


  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast
    Londo, you make a good point. They have managed to make their end come in 40 years "this generation shall no means pass away". Maybe we know, the end of what? The GB!
  • 4thgen
    Good thread!
  • truthseeker

    The chariot has stopped!

  • Vidiot

    @ truthseeker...

    I think the only thing that would make that picture even more ridiculous is if the rider in the chariot was a dog or something.

  • steve2

    I bags being a cheer-leader for JW organization..My cheer would be, "Go JW organization. Go!Go! Go! And don't come back."

  • Nosferatu

    I go away for a while, and come back to the Watchtower in shambles. Awesome!

    How much more can they cut back? Let's see...

    Getting brothers with computer access and printers to make physical copies for the elderly who are stuck in the dark ages is a good idea. What an opportunity to get to know our elderly congregation members better! Jehovah works in magnificent ways!

    Turn meetings into video-watching sessions. Well, that could happen in people's homes! Jehovah's organization embraces only the best in technology!

    Cutting down the number of conventions and assemblies until there's no more to cut is a good way to get rid of those expensive Conventions and Assembly complexes, although they'd probably be the last buildings to go.

    When the organization ordered the congregations to send them a set amount each month, I firmly believed that the organization had severed themselves from the Kingdom Halls. The Org can strike a Kingdom Hall dead if it so desires. If donations aren't up to par or are WAY down, they can just kill off the Kingdom hall and/or congregation. To hell with the members if they aren't donating. The members can have the option of meeting in homes to watch JW TV.

    My only question is, what is the end goal (if any)? Keeping the Governing Body fed and housed? Control is only good if you get a reward from it.

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