Calling Cofty and others regarding evolution

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  • Old Navy
    Old Navy

    Quote from Finkelstein:

    ...Creation from a supernatural being of unknown origin or natural laws of nuclear evolution ?

    And there we have the crux of the matter. Natural Laws or Nature is responsible for Evolution.

    But, what is the intelligence in Nature? Who is the designer in Nature?

    When Evolutionists are able to honestly answer those questions they inevitably come to the conclusion that Nature must equal God. So, is belief in Evolution a bad thing? Not at all! It is just an intermediate step in coming to appreciate Creation. We'll all get there in the bye and bye...

  • cofty
    what is the intelligence in Nature?

    Nature isn't a thing. You are indulging in a fallacy sometimes known as reism.

    Who is the designer in Nature?

    Not a 'who' but a 'what' - Natural selection.

    they inevitably come to the conclusion that Nature must equal God.


  • Old Navy
    Old Navy


    While your thinking does seem to be "stuck" in certain hypotheses within the Scientific Method relative to the study of questions regarding the Theory of Evolution, there is yet hope! As you delve more deeply into those questions with your own thoughts, separate from those who feel compelled to strongly advocate for Natural Selection, it will come to you.

    If you dare that is. You're not afraid to think independently are you? Afraid that your peers might not approve should they observe freedom? Do you feel pressured to "conform?"

    In any event, in due time you shall "see the light." Truth always prevails.

    That you are equating Natural Selection to God is a small beginning.

  • WhatshallIcallmyself

    Old Navy I have yet to see you write one argument that supports what you are saying. I have seen many logical fallacies, a large portion of projection and much irony but nothing that supports your assertions.

    When will you get around to telling us just what, in your case, was the deciding factor that swung your opinion towards a creator?

    It can't be something we don't know because, as you know, not knowing something is not evidence for, or a reason for, believing anything else. All that gap in knowledge tells us it that we don't know something...

    It can't be an apparent design in nature because, as you know, we do not know how a creator created us therefore we would not know what to look for even if everything was created as you assert.

    Most importantly of all, it can't be shown simply by rustling up a word salad and strewing clever sounding words almost randomly in numerous posts.

  • hothabanero

    I have been doing some studying on my own and stumbled on this article which discuss the idea ordinary matter (atoms, spoons and so on) may possess consciousness... apparently very very smart people takes this idea seriously:

  • cofty

    SBF has already been promoting this panpsychism woo-woo on two different threads recently. Very, very 'creatively-minded' people who are untroubled by the challenges of actual research are taking it seriously.

    It would be impossible to offer evidence either for or against it. In other words it is 'not even wrong'. See 'Hitchen's Razor'.

    The rest of us who live in the real world can safely assume that rocks do not have personalities.

  • galaxie

    "Assume that rocks do not have personalities "....the ones that i have broken now have split personalities jeeeezzzus gimee strength !!

  • hothabanero

    @Cofty, do u think you are smarter and have studied the subject deeper than the Scientists in the article???

  • hothabanero

    perhaps you can enlighten us as to how their ideas are obviously demonstrable nonsense?

  • hothabanero

    @Cofty, if I was you I would be all like: "WHAT BOOKS HAVE YOU READ ON PANPSYCHISM!! ME DEMAND ANSWERS!!!" right now lol.

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