Is the WT SLOW-ly Changing the importance of the Door to Door preaching work to something more profitable?

by John Aquila 50 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    I don't know what the future of the door to door work is but nothing would surprise me at this point. As far as the carts are concerned, I'm sure there is more profit in having the Publishers load their carts full of literature every week or month, instead of the few pieces they can typically carry in their little book bags. Whether the literature is or isn't "placed", is immaterial.

    Decades ago when the topic of using television as a means of reaching people with our "life saving message" was broached, they said going from door to door was a commandment and they didn't want to look like the TV televangelists. It doesn't seem to make a difference to them now that the televangelists are also on the Internet just like they are. They even look like they use the same set designers and jewelry suppliers.

  • steve2

    I have yet to see or hear of a single shred of evidence that the trolley work is successful in bringing new ones into the organization. Based on the reported very low numbers baptized at the recent regional conventions, I'd say the opposite is occurring: Fewer and fewer are presenting for baptism.

    When speakers have talked from the platform about the "success" of the trolley work, what evidence do they produce? Anyone know?

  • Fisherman
    The WT will never discontinue d-d preaching unless they are planning to discontinue preaching altogether.
  • talesin

    To answer the OP's questions: No, No, and a big YES!

    I did a little 'research' and found an interesting article "This Is Our Place of Worship", and the section "Providing and Financing Kingdom Halls TM", seems to confirm what you are saying. Here's just a smidgeon.

    Watchtower TM July 2015, study edition

    The work of designing, building, and remodeling them is handled by unpaid volunteers. What has been the result? Since November 1, 1999, more than 28,000 beautiful new centers of pure worship have been provided for congregations worldwide. That means that during the last 15 years, on average, five new Kingdom Halls have been provided every day of the year.

    And one more small excerpt from the article:

    Many brothers and sisters have experienced great joy in being able to participate in Kingdom Hall construction. Whether we can help out on a building site or not, all of us can have the privilege of supporting such projects through our donations.

    Hmmm,,, it appears you are correct, sir!


  • Oubliette

    Talesin, nice find from the July 2015 WT. That confirms my assessment on page 2 of this thread!

  • Zoos

    Saturday morning field service to be replaced by Saturday morning family study and afternoon construction activities.

    Don't let the little people become idle.

  • mana11
    Wait for Google advertising on jw. org coming your way soon!
  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    They need money so I agree property development and sales is where the big money is.

    Also, for every hour spent with a trolley or on d2d is an hour not making money in a secular job to be able to donate to the society. This attitude of working part-time in order to spend more time on the ministry and pioneer I believe will be "adjusted" although it will be a loving provision that full-time work will become a blessing.

    I think there has to be a push for the donations from those still in to increase as any-one not JW would not give their hard-earned cash to a a cult.

    A new book used to be a million dollar best seller as 7 million were needed upon release but with downloads which can be shared even that avenue of revenue will be gone soon.

    There are not many options left for them and with increasing lawsuits for paedophilia and subsequent massive payouts I have a hope for their demise within a generation or perhaps no more than one overlapping one.

  • tiki

    I have yet to see one of those rickety cart things.....I guess our neck of the woods will just have to dub-org it to be saved....

    I like oub's bs meter....they'll say anything to make themselves feel all warm and fuzzy and successful.

  • Splash

    But no d2d means no monthly reports. How will the elders assess your spirituality without a monthly report?

    They will have to find something else to measure, judge and rank you on.

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