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  • DesirousOfChange

    TERRY: If you can try it out and go back if you don't like it--where is the downside?

    I have an even better idea......YOU TRY IT OUT.

    No offense, but, on the subject of tech issues, I prefer to listen to my kids, who all have a good college education (unlike their Dad who believed the WTS), esp the one who works a lot in the tech field as opposed to a 65+ yo JW who didn't go to college and likely had a VCR that flashed 12:00 in his home for years. (That's what mine did every time the power failed. I also started with a BetaMax.) [Notice: much tongue in cheek]

    Terry, thanks for all the good posts you start and the info you share!

    Good luck,


  • Finkelstein

    Chess Titan and all the other Games built into Win 7 can be downloaded for free at this Web site

    Its says its for Win 8 but they work in Win 10 , have already played to check.

    Have fun folks

  • smiddy

    I`m a complete computer NERD

    I switched from windows7 to windows10 simply because I thought 10 was better than 7

    Maybe my sub-conscience brain was still thinking JWISM

    7 being earthly perfection and 10 being heavenly perfection , so why stop at 7 when you can go straight to 10

    And quite frankly for what I do on my computer I can`t tell the difference .

    I wish I could understand all those previous posts , about the pros and cons , but it just goes way over my head.

    Is their anybody else out there like me?

    Or am I the only NERD with a computer on this board.?


  • Rather Be the Hammer
    Rather Be the Hammer
    @ Anders Andersen, you leaving Linux is even more shocking to me than you leaving the Borg. What Happened!? Did new light come in through the Windows?
  • Terry

    I tried the "free download" of Chess Titans and t'was "no longer available" much to my sorrow.

    Now with the return of the 7, I can rejoin my brain cells for battle royal on demand.

  • Finkelstein

    ummm ??? just downloaded it again, seems to works fine, its in a Zip file of 170 mg.

    You should get a small pop up window that asks to save or open, from there you should select save and download, unzip the file to your Desktop and follow the installation instructions ..... Wallah

    the file name is ....

    Playing CT right now.

    Just a note concerning Win 10, I find that it has its own compelling attributes as well its ills such as its intrusiveness by MS wanting to gathering your data a bit too much, this has been a complaint by many users.

    You can turn most of this off in piracy setting though which I did.

    I miss the Aero Windows of Win 7 among some other things but overall I would say that its an advancement over previous MS's OSs

    There better utilization of optimizing SSD drives which most computers will have into the future.

    The basic core MS OS is being adopted by most third party software developers, which has to realized as well.

    I've installed even Desktop gadgets which Win 7 had, so now my Desktop looks similar to my old Desktop .

    Come back to the light Terry isn't all bad , its called progress

  • Finkelstein

    You can turn most of this off in piracy setting though which I did

    OOPS ..... I meant privacy settings .

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