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  • talesin

    GodZoo -- how many thumbs-up can I give your comment?

    Windows was introduced as an answer to Apple's Mac and its user-friendly desktop, and was forced on PC users by the Microsoft Corporation. Check out the charges laid on Bill Gates by the government, for using shady and illegal tactics to make vendors peddle his software. [Edited to say: that puts a different spin on his involvement with another corporation that is trying to monopolize - Monsanto.] At the time, compared to DOS, it sucked. We can thank "Windows" for the dumbing down of the average PC user.

  • Finkelstein

    switching back to Firefox. Firefox is run for and by users

    Talesin same here , the Ad block software for Firefox work well and there seems to be more extenuating support for Firefox too. Although I would have to admit that its a bit slower than Chrome or Edge.

  • Finkelstein

    It was just bit unfortunate that MS took over and monopolized the PC market as it still does to this day, with software developers supporting that very monopolization, it makes the choices few and far between for many.

  • baker
    Got a Mac 3 years ago and don't miss windows at all. This computer just works and no viruses so far...
  • ILoveTTATT2

    For me it was a big freaking pain in the....

    It took them months to fix one simple bug which was the START BUTTON!!

    The start button didn't work, it was such an incredible nightmare to navigate...

    They finally fixed it... but that was a major problem...

  • Lostandfound

    Hate it, it regularly will not start, loses settings and generally infuriates me, love my iPad so only use desktop for big stuff, data storage etc

  • Terry

    zeb: I tried it didn't like it and it wiped my email address files. it gave me one in its place inc some I had never heard of.


    All of your mail account and files still exist on the "cloud" site of the proprietor, such as Google or Aol, or Yahoo, etc. Just use any browser to visit their mail address and sign in. It's all still there.

  • Terry

    For someone who likes everything to be so logical and black and white your demonstrating an awful lot of blind faith now and that you can be so easily seduced and won over by mere fancy surface 'bling'.


    I'm really enjoying it to the hilt!

    Blind Faith would mean I gave up my Windows 7 account--but, I didn't. It's still there.

    I lose nothing and--so far--have gained a much happier experience.

    I went through and opted out of all the intrusions into privacy by clicking them off one by one. So, I'm not hiding out in a bunker with my automatic rifle yet.


    The idea of test-driving a car before you buy it is not 'seduction', but common sense.

    This (Windows 10) "car" is a test drive--and it is free.

    If there is a downside, I haven't fallen into its insidious tar pit of inescapable doom yet.

    But, thanks for your comment and opinion.

    P.S. The surface "bling" is really a surface Bing search engine. I don't care for it. I'm using Google.

  • Terry

    Although i was reluctant to upgrade, mainly to the issue, for some it was a fix, related OneDrive showing only synced folders and files.

    In Windows 7, you can see all the folder structure even if some folders are online only. If you need to access them you download them. This is good if you use one drive as a backup in the cloud.

    I upgraded to windows 10 when i found a work around to access all my folder structure. If you are interested, you can follow these steps:


    I tried the One-Drive system and didn't find it comfortable.

    I use Googledrive and it is nothing short of terrific.

    I have an iCloud account too but only use it to FIND MY iPHONE when I misplace it.

    I'm a Google kind of guy :)

  • Terry
    DesirousOfChange6 hours ago

    My techy kids emphatically say: NO!


    Well, that's mostly a socially transmitted prejudice among the young which paints with a very broad brush.

    George Lucas and Bill Gates are easy targets of the "hate the rich" crowd.

    People guided by ideology are bitter and bitter people become evangelical nay-sayers so easily.

    If you visit YouTube, you'll find plenty of examples of educated, savvy, tech-smart praise for Windows 10.

    Here is a **** four-star review by PCMagazine,2817,2488631,00.asp

    Use common sense and don't let others do your thinking for you.

    If you can try it out and go back if you don't like it--where is the downside?

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