Whatever is bound on EARTH is already Loosed in Heaven

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  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara

    Alex says "Reading responses its clear some are being distracted from the ultimate prize which is life as Adam knew it.Instead of focusing on whats ahead and keeping active like Jesus"

    Sorry to say you yourself are 1) looking back to ADAM and JESUS. (Practice what you preach).

    2) "evils supposedly committed " You say!

    So the courts , judges in all the 1000's of child abuse cases that sent these men after hearing both sides and seeing evidence, to prison terms for their crimes are all morons. According to you the crime was supposedly committed. Wow, I cant believe how dense you are !

    In other words you will believe anything the world reports about other religious entities as true but never Jdumb world ! There is documents after documents to prove it all mate.

    By the way matey did you know that the WBTS has been paying millions of dollars ,your org's members hard earned donations towards lawsuits all over America,Mexico, Spain, Canada etc.? Does your Jdumb website ever list these lawsuits as news from the world? No ! Why ? Can you answer this???

    Have fun wasting your life, time ,energies n money into this org.

    Just one news from 1000's:

    For Jose Lopez, it took almost three decades to find some semblance of justice after he’d been molested – when he was 7 – by a predator who’d operated within a congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses in San Diego.

    When his case against the Witnesses concluded in October, a judge awarded Lopez $13.5 million, a remarkably large sum in an era of frequent payouts in abuse cases. During the case, Lopez said his mother reported his abuse to the elders in 1986, but they didn’t call police or warn the congregation. Lopez and his mother left the religion soon after.

    Even as the abuser, Gonzalo Campos, continued to sexually assault children, the elders promoted him within the congregation, first to ministerial servant in 1988, then to elder in 1993, according to a 1995 letter from elders to the Watchtower.

    In 1994, John and Manuela Dorman learned that Campos had abused their son a decade earlier, court documents show. They called Campos, who confessed and said the elders already were aware of the situation. When Manuela Dorman went to the elders, they told her not to talk about the abuse. They said too much time had passed, and nothing could be done.(https://www.revealnews.org/article/jehovahs-witnesses-use-1st-amendment-to-hide-child-sex-abuse-claims/)

    The bible is a two edged sword so think deeply n seriously on this verse Psalms 146:3 " Do not put your trust in princes, Nor in a son of man, who cannot bring salvation"


  • iwasblind

    I think Alex you are just counting time, are you pioneering?

    What a creative way to do this, good on you, but your long-winded quotes and misapplication of scripture are so gaping I am too tired to reply.

    Please read entire scriptures "in context", use different translations and get a life man.

    I actually feel sorry for all JW's, they are abuse victims and don't know the Christ or his teachings.

    Love to you man - but stop defending and preaching and start studying using your own brain and God's spirit.

  • menrov

    All religions are from men. Even the scriptures were written (and copied/rewritten) by men. They all claim to be approved by their God. Religion means power for its leaders. And they all try to.hide their (serious) mistakes and crimes. So, the community can only depend on non-religious organisations to uncover those hidden crimes. Priests or elders or vicars are all employed by their leaders. They serve the organization else they will be removed from their position.

    In the world we have something like Intellectual Property and patents, setup to protect the originator that his/her ideas are not copied. If the scriptures should lead to Gods approval, would it not be good that God made sure people could rely on ONE source, that is clearly identified as coming from God, beyond a doubt? As this is not the case, people cannot rely on religion as they all have used the void to present themselves as "true" and have assumes a position of power.

    The WT has created its own world and believe that they are above the authorities. The same the Roman Catholic Church had made. None of these so-called religious worlds are any better than the world outside religion.

    It is up to humans to fix things. Those who wait on their God to act or fix things are guilty for allowing bad things to continue to happen. People will have to act to protect the weak, the meek, the innocent. Progress has been made but still a lot to do.

  • punkofnice

    iwasblind7 hours agoI think Alex you are just counting time, are you pioneering?

    I'd be interested to hear this as an 'experience(TM)' on the platform.

    Lauded and DF'd for talking to 'apostates(tm)',all in one go. That's pretty amazing.

  • Hairtrigger

    Mr. Hypocricy!

    I like your allusion to “wild dogs”. Maybe some deep down primeval fear instinctively brought that analogical reference to your uneducated brain.

    Have you ever experienced or read of wild dogs attacking its prey. I have . Deer or any other prey prefer to be attacked by big cats rather than run foul of a pack of wild dogs. Their fear is palpable, pervasive and chilling to the bone. I used to live near jungles. Have seen a deer escape a pack and run into my backyard. It allowed me to lead it to the safety of my barn. A wild deer allowing a human to lead it tamely into a safe house. I could catch glimpses of the dogs appearing and disappearing behind bushes and trees around about a hundred and fifty yards away . My point is Your PEDOPHILE SOCIETY OF ELDERS, GB members, people like you and ALEX have understood the terror the hunted-prey feels when quarried by the hunter- in this case the deadliest of them all- WILD DOGS!

    For over a hundred years YOU and YOUR ILK have harmed helpless little children- raping and sodomizing those innocent helpless...PREY?

    NOW You have the “WILD DOGS” tracking you and coming after you- relentless, ruthless, with single minded purpose, bent on tearing you to pieces ALIVE. The wild dogs named ZALKIN’s LAW FIRM, and hundreds of law firms all over the world- Websites like this one, LLoyd and others like him on U-Tube and other social media. ME and others like me who want to see you, your GB ,members and elders of you organization and people like you and ALEX who support them -by refusing to do anything about it and refusing to acknowledge that your GB is the perpetrator with its policies- like the cowardly pimps that you are - WE are coming after you. Just like you said LIKE PACK OF WILD DOGS!!! There’s no escaping this pack! HoW Does it feel you Pedophile supporting piece of shit to become the HUNTED ? You hunted little children - the hunters! Have now become the HUNTED! YOU are being hunted ! By a pack of wild dogs!

    What does that shitty peace of garbage the Watchtower teach you ? End times will bring persecution. Like always they get everything wrong . It ain’t persecution assholes! It’s PROSECUTION!!

  • Splash

    Just come across this thread and it's pretty amazing to me how elders are so unqualified to interrogate abuse victims yet consider themselves as wholly trained and suited to asking traumatic questions to abuse survivors.

    There is nothing God approved about further harming young victims by clumsy and dangerous Judicial Committees presided over by ignorant, self-important imbeciles.

    The WT organisation is riddled with abusers who are safer there than in other religions who cooperate fully with trained professionals to demonstrate they are both repentant and determined to improve.

    The GB are so deluded, they think they know better than everyone and are too proud to apologise for their harmful policies.

    This is why they spout stupidity about women's brains, 2" paintbrushes, overlapping generations, transfusions changing your personality, and so many flip flops they could open a beach side shoe store.

    Trust men with a track record like theirs? You would need to ignore so many facts and overlook so many errors that your life would be just one huge self deception.

    Good luck to those who choose to pretend it's defensible.

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