Whatever is bound on EARTH is already Loosed in Heaven

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  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara


    You are at it again....counting time.

    Let me amuse you with the facts. I read your BS# a rather long one at that but one question-- all you have stated is what is written in washtowel mags ie always written in black n white.The million dollar question is WHAT REALLY IS DELIVERED? DO THEY FOLLOW/PRACTICE IT WHEN IT COMES TO ACTUALLY DOING WHAT THE BIBLE SAYS? OR .......

    Eg: you wrote "In such judicial deliberations, Jesus says, “where there are two or three gathered together in my name, there I am in their midst.”

    I personally know of a case where this bro committed fornication with another bro's wife.When he was called to the JC, he said "F U , if you can get 2 witnesses to corroborate it, then we can talk.Do what you can! " he walked free, no action could be taken although quite a few knew about his sin.

    Million dollar question: where was jesus and his spirit to put right the wrong done here mate????.Jesusu could'nt deliver could he ? he continued as a bro till today.

    This is just a start. your whole statement in your post above is full of holes but I will leave it for someone else to point out.

    All I ask is have an open mind, remove your blinkers/ blinds and do some research and you can then decide for yourself.

    In this website no one tries to force anyone to renounce their faith or beliefs just a sharing of healthy discussion.

    Have fun counitng your time n RV'S



  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara
    They are guilty but not worthy of removal from the congregation

    What exactly are they guilty of ? is it not in other words having sex with someone who is not ther wife/husband? In this case a child for crying out loud! When adults are found guilty of this same mistake they are diisfellowshipped .

    Million dollar question they certainly are guilty then why are they not disfellowshipped ???

    Double standards ??


  • smiddy3

    The term theocracy signifies belief in governance by divine guidance, a form of regime in which religion or faith plays the dominant role. It denotes thus a political unit governed by a deity or by officials thought to be divinely guided.

    Well said Alex , however ,why are you called Jehovah`s Witnesses ? when the Bible clearly states that followers of Jesus were by Divine providence called Christians , not Jehovah`s witnesses

    Acts 11: 26 ..".and it was first in Antioch that the disciples were by Divine providence called christians"

    Not Jehovah`s Witnesses .

  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara
    Any JWs judicial deliberations are theocratic and not privy to the pubic as sharing in the knowledge of decisions or sins committed by individuals.

    This is BS# and you know it Alex

    Why? coz everytime someone is reproved, disfellowshipped, most of the congregation gets to know what he/she has done. First off the elders cant keep their mouths shut, they share everything with their wives, who later share it with their best friends and on and on it goes. Thats is the truth of it all mate.I have been told things sins of others that is" not privy to the public" like this and I have been surprised that this is what really happens. (I am in no way undermining CSA issue here)

    Two faced???

    You have opened a can of worms mate.


  • Quick Brown Fox
    Quick Brown Fox

    Zing: All I ask is have an open mind, remove your blinkers/ blinds and do some research and you can then decide for yourself.

    Alex and Mr "Theocracy" are not here to have an open mind and remove their blinkers. They want comfort, not facts. They are trying to comfort themselves that their religion is "the truth" and that their life is not a lie. They do not have the humility or strength of character to take their heads out of the sand and think for one moment about the many, many victims and their stories, or perhaps they think they are carrying out "theocratic warfare". They would rather defend the despicable act of covering up child abuse that their religion is so clearly guilty of. There really is no hope for such people. They have no conscience.

  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara
    They are guilty but not worthy of removal from the congregation

    The bible says otherwise mate at 1 corinthians 5:2 Actually sexual immorality*+ is reported among you, and such immorality* as is not even found among the nations—of a man living with* his father’s wife.+ 2 And are you proud of it? Should you not rather mourn,+ so that the man who committed this deed should be taken away from your midst

    Who is lying here by saying that they are not worthy of removal from the congregation?

    You / Governign Body .By your saying they are directed by God, they are not coz the above verse confirms ( the bible that should be the last authority for any christian) that your statements is a lie. Wake up and open your eyes.

    This is just the tip of the iceberg!


  • Alex Williams
    Alex Williams

    So if one is truly repentant he should still be DFd,JWs is committed to saving people not just getting rid of sinners of which we all are

    .Look at in the OT Manasseh who as undoubtedly the worst king of Judah ever,

    Yet after he was taken captive he humbled himself to God in prayer,calling out to Jehovah for help But he went further. He then turned his life course around by getting rid of the idolatrous images that he had set up, making efforts to serve Jehovah, and even encouraging his people to do the same.

    What was Jehovah’s response to Manasseh’s prayers? God forgave Manasseh and restored him to the kingship in Jerusalem

    Why because he was repentant , God is willing to forgive even gross sins if the sinner is truly repentant.This thread shows he knows the heart of a person not elders who are human and cant read what a person truly is, thats why

    "When a person is guilty and worthy of punishment, the judgment ‘will already have been bound in heaven Jesus said and if they are loosed or innocent it will already have been “loosed in heaven..

    In such judicial deliberations, Jesus says, “where there are two or three gathered together in my name, there I am in their midst.”

    "Jehovah is a God merciful and gracious, slow to anger pardoning error and transgression and sin"

    Adam the first man brought all of this on his offspring sin and wickekness pain ,sorrow

    and death for his sin that's why after this world of unrepentant sinners and unbelievers who fail to respond to the good news of Gods incoming Kingdom and convert are removed from this earth those who survive his fierce anger will be in the same conditions literally a paradise as well as the same as Adam was both physically in mind and body perfect sinless just like he was.

    God understands none of us were there when he sold his offspring into sin ,we had no choice because we were not there but have to suffer for what he did.

    This is the reason the one behind all of the trouble we are in today was not removed when all of the wicked humans were but just restrained to be released.

    When we are perfect just like the first man was at some point that one who was removed will be let go to test perfect mankind all over again,no longer under Adamic sin but standing on their own merit and cant blame Adam no longer.

    Rev 20

    And I saw an angel coming down out of heaven with the key of the abyss+ and a great chain in his hand. 2 He seized the dragon,+ the original serpent,+ who is the Devil+ and Satan,+ and bound him for 1,000 years. 3 And he hurled him into the abyss+ and shut it and sealed it over him, so that he would not mislead the nations anymore until the 1,000 years were ended.

    After this he must be released for a little while.+Now as soon as the 1,000 years have ended, Satan will be released from his prison, 8 and he will go out to mislead those nations in the four corners of the earth,

    Some can read this and think its a fairy-tale and ignore the warning and continue to heap insults but it doesnt change whats coming :

    Jeremiah 25:33 (WYC)

    And the slain men of the Lord shall be in that day from the end of the earth unto the end thereof; they shall not be bewailed, neither shall be gathered together, neither shall be buried; they shall lie into a dunghill on the face of [the] earth. (And on that day, the people killed by the Lord shall lie flat on the earth from one end to the other; they shall not be bewailed, nor shall they be gathered together, nor shall they be buried, but they shall lie upon the face of the earth like a mound of dung.)

    Its your choice repent or perish

  • punkofnice

    I know Punky, don't feed the troll...................

    Awake! January 8th 1947, disfellowshipping has pagan origins:
    Where, then, did this practice originate? The Encyclopaedia Britannica says that papal excommunication is not without pagan influence, "and its variations cannot be adequately explained unless account be taken of several non-Christian analogues of excommunication." The superstitious Greeks believed that when an excommunicated person died the Devil entered the body, and therefore, "in order to prevent it, the relatives of the deceased cut his body in pieces and boil them in wine." Even the Druids had a method of expelling those who lost faith in their religious superstitions. It was therefore after Catholicism adopted its pagan practices, A.D. 325, that this new chapter in religious excommunication was written.

    Ooops. Sorry. Feeding the troll........must be a troll because of not following the govbod......

    July 15, 2011 WT ‘’Well, apostates are 'mentally diseased', and they seek to infect others with their disloyal teachings." ‘’7 What is involved in avoiding false teachers? We do not receive them into our homes or greet them.
    We also refuse to read their literature, watch TV programs that feature them, examine their Web sites, or add
    our comments to their blogs.’’

    Image result for feed troll

  • LoveUniHateExams

    The fact remains that the WTS continues to apply the two witness rule to allegations of child abuse. This is moronic because child abusers make sure there are no witnesses when they abuse children.

    Historically, the WTS have tended to put pressure on parents for them not to report to the police.

    Also, the WTS have treated the victims APPALLINGLY. See below.


  • EverApostate

    Alex Williams and Mrtheocracy.

    Its ok that we apostates are active on this site but why do you both linger on here. Aren’t you not deceiving Jehovah by visiting these apostate sites ? Can you both confess to your elders that you are posting comments here. What would be the outcome if you did so ?

    Be truthful to yourselves and do a honest investigation about your Religion.

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