Talked Higher Education with Mrs. OTWO

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    Excellent video, thanks for sharing.

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    Ruby456 said " own feeling is that they would be miserable without their hopes."
    That may be so. Still, my own feeling is that everyone deserves to know the truth about the lies in Watchtower and start from there. Some will never be able to handle it, but for many it is just assumed and we need to find out. Just the same, I get what you are saying.

    scratchme1010, thanks.

    TD, I like being reminded of two steps forward, one step back. I think there was a step forward there.

    LV101, here's hoping they will start hearing reality.

    Old Navy, my wife is an elementary teacher. She seems comfortable thinking above the third grade level. Smart, but not deep. I actually asked her about learning some basics in politics in order to understand what people are talking about. This is about what was said on that: "Obama was a democratic liberal. Trump is not all that conservative, but ran as a Republican. They are typically conservative. People will argue what each one of those means, but you can decide for yourself. Generally, liberals believe in individual rights and social programs for helping people while conservatives believe that people need to help themselves without so many social programs. Conservatives may accuse liberals of just offering handouts to people and liberals may accuse conservatives of being prejudiced and very Bible-oriented."

    She asked if she herself was considered liberal or conservative. I told her that the vast majority of black people are considered liberal, but that Jehovah's Witnesses would be considered conservative based on clinging to Bible values about modern things.

    I think this gives you an idea how she is not really thinking for herself, just riding along on this planet knowing that the end is near.

    Wild Thing, I try, I try.

    Jrjw, she totally shuts down on doctrine. It's a no-go with her. I generally use the methods prescribed by Steve Hassan in his books, to make her think without triggering any cult stuff. Just once in awhile, I connect the dots back to the cult after she thinks about a thing. I maybe should not do that so much.
    607 BCE to a JW with a closed mind is like discussing string theory with a poet. They don't care and it doesn't change anything they understand.

  • Old Navy
    Old Navy

    The WTBorg Cult Inc. understand very well how important it is to portray themselves as sheep in sheep's clothing; it is a huge part of their program to appear clean-cut, respectable, well-mannered and suitably clothed for "worship" always with Bible and Literature Bag when in public view. For many who are snared by The Cult, that seems to be proof enough that the org is what it claims it is. The Cult is well aware of all of the "triggers" which shape impressions, opinions and beliefs. They exploit them unrelentingly and effectively to create their following of obedient slaves. Then the Fear Factor cements the deal.

    Very, very difficult to unravel.

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    OTWO but I have learned that the answer to absolutely everything is education.

    Me too. Absolutely it's the answer to all the world's problems, anyway.

  • OnTheWayOut

    OneGenTwoGroups, thanks. Others, remember we are not here to argue over the video. Feel free to disagree, but we are talking about an interaction between a fader and his JW wife.

    Stillin, I love George's comments on politics.

    Old Navy, very difficult to unravel indeed. Keep hope alive.

    Diogenesister, It truly is.
    "Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself." -John Dewey

  • flipper

    OTWO- Hey buddy, excellent video, thanks for posting. Trumps comment," We love the under educated ! " Says it all. The elite right wing wants to keep the general population dumbed down, much the same way that WT Society leaders want to keep all JW's dumbed down . The reason ? They're less of a threat if they are kept stupid or uninformed.

    The irony in this is that we have one of the most idiotic , stupid presidents ever - yet he has manipulated others with his stupidity . And that is extremely dangerous.

    Kudos to you on the great efforts you put into waking your wife up by comparisons to what we see happening around us in the real world ! Great job man. Take care, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • sporece

    140 years waiting for the end of the world and there is no indication according to the watchtower that it will be coming soon.

    I know you covered it all with her ...what's her answer on that?

    Could the watchtower be just another religion with its own interpretation of the bible?

  • Island Man
    Island Man
    "She went back into JW mode and said how so much of higher learning does focus on unrealistic hopes of humans figuring things out."

    Maybe you can point out how much we have figured out and how much better life is today as a result. Ask her what life would be like today without antibiotics, vaccination and other advances if everyone had the JW mindset of not focusing on trying to solve problems and just leaving it all up to God's kingdom to solve it in the future. History shows that it is not unrealistic to think that we can solve problems because we have found solutions. Ask her if she would prefer to live in a world where no one is pursing higher education or doing any research in the hope of finding solutions. There would be no effective doctors or surgeons. There would be lots of preventable deaths from things like appendicitis, dental abscess, etc. And why does she go to the doctor when she's sick? Shouldn't she just wait on the kingdom to cure her illness instead of going to worldly doctors who studied at medical universities where they pursue the unrealistic hope of figuring things out?

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    A few more page 2 replies-

    Flipper, I think Trump said "....the poorly educated." The word "poorly" is rather important to me. It comes from someone who had opportunities, but isn't necessarily applying what he was exposed to. It's important because of my wife's Masters Degree. She got through school, but doesn't apply any of the ways of thinking, just went for the documents. And it allows her to think she is not "poorly" educated.
    When we talked about whether she was conservative or liberal, she really had no clue. Nobody should have to be told what they are, but should figure it out on their own.

    sporece, we have discussed the delay of Armageddon. Of course it is around the next corner. Mainly, she has discussed what we are going to do at retirement. I have a decent pension and she has moved around in jobs too much to have anything but social security. I told her we should stay where we are when I retire and she can stay with her current school system until she has the minimum years for a pension. She says "NO WAY! I want to move to somewhere warm." She seems to think that all will be wonderful in retirement. Sometimes when she asks about "the plan," I say "Armageddon is supposed to arrive, you are supposed to keep your eyes simple. So don't worry about it." But really, I notice that she doesn't really believe the end will come in our lifetime, so she wants to enjoy her autumn years.

    Island Man, very good suggestions. She does seem to be of the mindset that education is the answer, she does need more reminders to push the JW mindset a wee bit further from the tip of her tongue.

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