Talked Higher Education with Mrs. OTWO

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  • fastJehu

    Maybe you can point out how much we have figured out and how much better life is today as a result.

    Good point. But next week in WT-study she will be confronted with the WT-claim, that humans can't solve problems. In this thread the deceiving data cherry-picking and misquouting is discussed:

    For quick read jump to ยง 14 and 15.

  • Giordano

    I agree with you OnTheWayOut....... doctrine is the lesser evil for a JW.

    It does effect some....... but really very few. A religion is usually not about's about illusion. The Mormons are a good example. This punk ass........ Joseph Smith, a con artist invents a religion that encourages plural wives and becoming a god of their own planet.

    People continue to be a JW because they really really want to live in a paradise earth. Forget heaven....... their need is to........ continue as they are....... gain a paradise earth and all the benefits there in.

    Too many changes to keep up with......... new lite...... old lite........ doesn't factor in. Generations or 607 BC is of no consequence to a follower of the WTBTS. Hell if they are dismissive of child sexual abuse in their congregations how are you going to reach them with a debate about their dogma. A JW becomes adept at the minor adjustments one needs to make delusions real.

    What we have with your average JW is rational ignorance. No point in reading about or understanding anything that doesn't fit into the JW world view.

    What we have are selfish people who think they are special.

  • Ding

    I went too far. She went back into JW mode...

    There's always a temptation to point out something we consider obvious in the hopes that we can speed up someone's awakening.

    Unfortunately, that often just triggers the WT indoctrination.

  • sporece

    I'm from Chicago myself and was there at Christmas visiting family.

    -28deg. some days while where I live in Oceanside Cal. was 79 deg.

    Don't blame her for wanting to move.

    Only problem here in Southern California homes are so freaking expensive.

    Wearing shorts most of the year.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Some page 3 replies

    fastJehu, there will always be upcoming articles. Who is to say that they really mean much to a particular JW like Mrs. OTWO?

    Giordano, this almost soungs like a mantra for my wife: "No point in reading about or understanding anything that doesn't fit into the JW world view."

    Ding, while I may have triggered the WT indoctrination so slightly, I seem to have made 2 steps forward, 1 step back. So still good, IMHO.

    sporece, we will probably move. I just see it as one more thing to point out where she is not looking at things from "THEIR" perspective first. Thanks.

  • sporece

    Good luck, I know you've been coping with the situation a very long time.

    When through a divorce in 2006 due to my " me being an apostate " and my ex still going strong in the religion. Funny thing she got remarried and the present husband stopped going to meetings. So sad !!!

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