TO ALL BODIES OF ELDERS "Handling Cases of Drug Abuse" September 1, 2018

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  • All or nothing
    All or nothing

    I wonder if they will have a question from readers article to out this new light or if they will keep it under raps so only elders and priveldged few will be able to use medical marijuana....?

  • passwordprotected

    Medical marijuana - is it addictive?

    Medically prescribed opiates - absolutely addictive.

  • StephaneLaliberte
    While we were smoking a Cuban cigar, he said he could be df for smoking. What most JW do not know is when smoking a long-filler (Cohiba, Partagas etc..) inhaling is not done. It is about the taste of the cigar, not the nicotine. So in fact it is not addictive. It would be interesting see a case when someone gets involved in a judicial committee for smoking long-fillers.

    I smoke cigars and do not inhale. I can tell you that yes, I get nicotine, and yes, it is addictive. And yes, though less risky than 20 cigarettes a day, it does represent a risk for cancer. Do not start a practice if you are not aware of what it does.

    That being said, smoking cigars is less risky than being a JW who walks around with a no blood card.

  • Vidiot
    breakfast - "My bet's on Lett."

    It'd definitely explain a thing or two. :smirk:

  • Vidiot
    Data-Dog - "...You can’t make this stuff up..."

    'Course you can.

    The Org makes this stuff up all the time.


  • OrphanCrow
    pale.emperor: You just know that this letter has been written because someone on the GB is on the ganj for pain management.


    But, I always like to follow the money. The org is money motivated and only money motivated.

    It likely wouldn't do for the org to come right out and be against something that a big contributor is invested in, now, would it?

    Gotta keep those donations coming in from those who have their fingers in the green pie:

    *edit to add: it is more likely that the org is getting on the bandwagon and joining all the institutions and corporate structures in Canada in laying down guidelines for the use of legal marijuana. October 17th is fast approaching. I betcha the Canadian branch has been asking for "direction" on how to handle legal recreational herb. Seein' as recreational booze is okey dokey for JWs

  • minimus

    Very interesting… Jehovah’s Witnesses do not smoke cigarettes especially marijuana cigarettes. Now a witness says but I have a prescription for this, they still do not like you smoking marijuana. It goes against everything they stand for. For one thing it’s the smoking part that gets them disturbed, image wise. Imagine Jesus smoking. Then you have pain management. If you use CBD OIL, it’s connected with weed. Lol... so Jehovah’s Witnesses could never really be taking marijuana on a regular basis without having issues within the congregation. However if they want to be in A drug induced state because the doc prescribes heavy duty narcotics, you must leave that person alone.

    Honestly they are a stupid religion

  • sir82

    Come to think of it, the number one reason why use of "illicit drugs" is a DF offense is that it is (putatively) a "gateway into spiritism". The Greek word that they translate as "druggery" really has roots tying it to "spiritism", calling on the spirits.

    Take any sort of mind-altering drugs, goes the argument, and you open yourself up for the demons to enter your mind and make you bend spoons or talk to smurfs or whatnot.

    So, if that is the case - what difference does it make if you "open your mind to the demons" because a doctor allows you to?

    If the real reason for avoiding mind-altering drugs is to avoid contact with the "demon world", a JW should never do it under any circumstance, no matter how bad the pain is. JWs should be willing to be tortured and executed in order to "display loyalty to Jehovah" - so what's wrong with enduring a little pain?

    Of course, if the real reason is that it is just one more nit-picking regulation that those power-mad loons in Bethel can impose to sate their lust for control over nearly every aspect of their adherents lives - well, in that case, the current rules make perfect sense.

  • minimus

    I think they got rid of the spiritism connection many years ago

  • minimus

    You might get disfellowshipped for uncleanness or something like that but not spiritism

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