TO ALL BODIES OF ELDERS "Handling Cases of Drug Abuse" September 1, 2018

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  • slimboyfat

    What was the paragraph in the elder book they have been instruxted to score out?

  • ScenicViewer

    The pages below are from the 2010 edition of the Shepherding book. I'm not sure if there is a later version.

    Chapter 5, par 14, bullet 4 (continued on second scan below).

    Chapter 5, par 15

  • LevelThePlayingField

    Ah yes, and right under the misuse of addictive drugs is APOSTASY. Gotta love it.

  • WTWizard

    How about treating medical weed as a medical situation and not trying to regulate it any more than the government already does? And recreational weed--treat that as merely stupid, not wicked. The damage it does to the body, the angels it attracts into one's life to help enslave the world and the individual, and the decreased IQ is punishment enough (and the IQ drop is worse the younger someone starts smoking weed). Stupid, you bet--but not grounds for being treated as evil. Now, as for those who push recreational weed onto youth, THEY could be treated as evil for pushing something they know is going to ruin their lives.

    And there are often better alternatives to weed, or any medical drug for that matter. Acute pain, for instance from cancer, may be best treated with weed--and no need to judge the patient at all. But, something that can be prevented--for instance, Alzheimers, can be stalled in other ways (and field circus is NOT one of them). Taking magnesium and boron may help prevent the disease, as can something as simple as learning a foreign language or another activity that requires you to use your brain.

    Not to mention, how often is being a jokehovian witless or one or more of the activities or conditions inherent in the religion the cause or major contributor to diseases. The pious-sneer diet (Big Macs every day during field circus) is a major contributing factor in getting many diseases for which medical weed can treat. Cut out the field circus, you might not get the disease at all. And the mind-numbing Asleep! rags actually dull one's mind, creating the conditions for Alzheimers to develop in the first place (and the "need" for weed). Cut that out, and you do not get Alzheimers, and you do not need treatment.

  • caves

    I dont even know where to begin. I feel mentally raped by that letter.

    Lots of great comments here and I sure hope someone reading this, still in, really thinks about what they just read. Its like Loophole City unless we want to form a Judicial Committee and give punishment on our whims or what certain members of the congregation might think or perceive . Uninspired members of the congregation. Judging much. Dumb trick fuckery much?


  • fulano

    About using tabaco. I was having a conversation the other day with an old friend, who still goes to the hall from time to time and still believes some ideas from the organisation.

    While we were smoking a Cuban cigar, he said he could be df for smoking. What most JW do not know is when smoking a long-filler (Cohiba, Partagas etc..) inhaling is not done. It is about the taste of the cigar, not the nicotine. So in fact it is not addictive. It would be interesting see a case when someone gets involved in a judicial committee for smoking long-fillers.

  • pale.emperor
    You just know that this letter has been written because someone on the GB is on the ganj for pain management. - pale.emperor

    My bet's on Lett.

    How would we know when he's high though? The man's out of his mind already.

  • slimboyfat

    Use of drugs under medical supervision, does “not necessarily require judicial review”? Are they insane? When on earth is it appropriate for elders to question medical prescriptions?

  • hoser

    As long as you got stoned enough to not remember smoking pot more than once or twice you’re golden.

  • _Morpheus
    when smoking a long-filler (Cohiba, Partagas etc..) inhaling is not done. It is about the taste of the cigar, not the nicotine. So in fact it is not addictive.

    rotflmao... ignorance is bliss

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