1975 all over again!!!

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    I wonder if the fella with 17 employees sold the business, kept it with someone else running it, or closed up shop and said to his employees "see ya, gonna go serve Jehober now. Go, be warm and well fed." And how do the commuters pay for their own expenses if they "serve" at walkill full time?

    I did 3 weeks at brooklyn and 4 in walkill as a temp. Except for the beauty of upstate NY in October, it was a fu$king waste of time.


  • cha ching
    cha ching
    Thx VillageIdiot, I have not seen this video before... Very interesting!
  • disposable hero of hypocrisy
    disposable hero of hypocrisy
    Me neither, where's it from please?
  • smiddy

    I went through the 1975 fiasco , why didn`t I leave then .? Well while I acknowledged the organization had led the witnesses to believe the big "A" would occur then they did not explicitly state it , "It could occur then" was what I believed Or it could occur some years down the track..However that very well may have been the start of my gradual loss of faith in the organization .Which by all accounts did not happen till 18 years later.in 1993.

    With many many other small and insignificant things on their own but built up to an insurmountable obstacle over time., that I just could not ignore anymore .HENCE i LEFT IN 1993 FOR GOOD.


    When was this video released ? Anybody ?


  • Diogenesister

    These older people, some without kids, are just feeling empty. Going door to door, with little or no response. They want to feel 'part' of somethi!g again.

    I have a dear elderly lady who still comes to me. I give her a feed as she is diabetic, and the time she spends alows her to fill out her time report. But heres the thing, she never says a word to me, just passes the mags silently.I asked her what she feels about the overlapping generations, she said - and I quote - "oh I dont listen to those people, they are just going to upset you, I don't listen to them anymore'. This is an 86 yr old witness who has been so since the 50's. She has been all over the world with the witneses, literally the only places she hasn't been is Australia & the arctic. She looks sadly downcast when she says the society doesn't do that anymore. She has even been to Syria & Iraq , its quite funny when she tells me she has seen where the garden of Eden was, apparently the man from the society pointed out an old muddy pond that used to be Eden!!!

  • _Morpheus
    wow whats so intriguing to me is that the scare here dosent plead for thd dubbie to do more in FS or even send money but to help build! What a shift in a short period of time in the borg mentality. No more advertise advertise advertise, now its build build build
  • westiebilly11
    near the end?...my guess is that we are nearer the beginning than the end !....
  • John Aquila
    John Aquila

    These older people, some without kids, are just feeling empty. Going door to door, with little or no response. They want to feel 'part' of somethi!g again.

    Diogenesister, that is very interesting to me, so this lady you mentioned has traveled all over the world and probably done a lot and is now unhappy and lonely. I've met people who have not traveled at all, have not done much in their life and have lived in the same place all their life with the same person and yet are extremely happy in their 80s -90s


  • Heaven

    Wow... thx Villiage Idiot. From that video Elaine Riccaboni was basically threatened that taking a blood transfusion would not allow here to survive Armageddon and therefore, she would not have ever lasting life!

    So glad she and her husband didn't listen to those clowns.

    My former team lead worked with a guy who sold his house and quit his job because 1975 would bring Armageddon. I suspect this man had to get a new job and acquire accomodation again.

    The interesting part of all of this is how Botchtower handles their errors. They certainly don't man up to them but rather, repeatedly, blame their members. What a bunch of a-holes!

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