1975 all over again!!!

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  • John Aquila
    John Aquila

    WT Study Edition Jan. 2015

    Here is the bait:

    As the number of Kingdom proclaimers increases and as we near the end of this system of things, there is an urgent need for more facilities. (Isa. 60:22; Hab. 2:3)

    For King David, his “heart’s desire” was to build a house for Jehovah’s name. (1 Chron. 22:7) David wanted nothing more than to have a share in constructing a temple that would bring praise and glory to God. If David were alive today, how would he feel about the great building work that is taking place in our time?

    Here is the catch.

    A FEW years ago, Cesar and his wife, Rocio, were living a comfortable life in California, where Cesar was working full-time in the field of heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning and Rocio worked part-time at a doctor’s office. They owned their home, and they had no children. Then we moved out of our 2,200-square-foot (200 sq m) dream home that we had built just a couple of years earlier and moved into our 270-square-foot (25 sq m) apartment. Making these changes,” says Cesar, “put us in a better position to accept an invitation to Bethel,

    Way, an electrician, and Debra, both in their late 50’s, sold their home and most of their belongings in Kansas and moved to Wallkill to serve as commuter Bethelites.

    Melvin and Sharon sold their home and belongings in South Carolina so that they could assist at Warwick.

    William and Sandra, who are in their early 60’s, were settled, enjoying their life in Pennsylvania. They had a successful precision machining company that employed 17 people. So when the opportunity arose to serve as commuters at Wallkill, they knew that it would mean saying good-bye

    Dale, a civil engineer, and Cathy, from Alabama, highly recommend this type of service. Volunteering at Wallkill, they say: “If you have the courage to step out of your comfort zone, you will have an opportunity to see Jehovah’s spirit at work.”

    Sell your house and go volunteer at Wall--KILL The End is coming!!!!!

  • millie210
    What do all these people think they are going to do once the project is finished?
  • prologos
    millie2104 minutes ago
    --- think---? fictitious wt worker do not think.
  • paradisebeauty

    This is how they made their fortune. Free labour!!!. And they convince people it is a "privilege" to work for them for free!!!.

    Brainwashing machine. This is what watchtower is!

  • Village Idiot
  • violias

    I clearly recall 1975 and no one dared to say the end was not coming. You'd have been an apostate to say that. I knew it wasn't, the scriptures even say no one knows etc. I must admit that the world conditions now , thanks to 24/7 cable news channels do give one the feeling that some sort of end is upon us. I guess the solution is to stop watching the news.

    So many crazy things were said from the platform, fire breathing sermons about Armageddon. I just blew it off, I knew they were wrong. Strangely I don't feel that sure this time. I am not attending meeting at all --not for some time. Many people in " world" think an end is near too.

    I will take my chances with a loving God and not Jws, So if the apocalyptic angels of death come to my door I will have some lambs blood ( or something similar) smeared on the doorpost. Maybe the angels will just pass by my house. Worked once, might again. :)>

  • ToesUp

    Don't just sell your home. Give the proceeds to WT and serve Jehovah (aka the Watchtower) full time. We would LOVE to "use" you!!!

    All take and NO give. Typical Watchtower!

  • prologos

    G.O.D. (wtGB) loves a cheerful giver, brainwashing makes you cheerful [ly ignorant] but:

    the 1975 calculations at the book studies in th 1960s gave a 6 year wait to the A battle. But now, the 1914 overlap, renewed through the September Splane talk gives 60 years of wt drudgery to the rapture and the A battle.

    (YD-1914} + YD = 2075+1 for the George Gangas anointed clan.

    If you think 1975 was bad, wait until 2075.

  • hoser
    A few years ago I woke up and started building my own real estate empire instead of one for the watchtower. I don't subsidize millionaires with my time or money.
  • berrygerry
    I guess the solution is to stop watching the news.

    I, like many Dubs, was a negative-news junkie - which is greatly recommended by the Borg, even though it is "Satan's media."

    It messes up your mind bigtime.


    • Start with a simple comment, perhaps a greeting. Jesus did not begin his conversation with the Samaritan woman by talking about the Kingdom. (John 4:7) Sometimes a conversation can be initiated by giving commendation: “Your children are so well-behaved!” Asking a question is another possible conversation starter: “Did you see that news report last night?”

    Mention a tragedy that is in the news. Then say: “Why do you think God allows such things to occur? [Allow for response.] According to the Bible, God feels compassion for those who suffer. [Read Exodus 3:7.] The Bible also tells us why God allows suffering and that he will soon end it forever. This magazine explains.”


    ▪ “Hello. My name is . . . I’m not a telemarketer; I am one of your neighbors from . . . Street. Many in the community are concerned about . . .” [Mention a current news item of local concern.]


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