1975 all over again!!!

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  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot


    "The interesting part of all of this is how Botchtower handles their errors. They certainly don't man up to them but rather, repeatedly, blame their members."

    They did make a mock apology around 1980 (One of the yearbooks?) saying that they were responsible for some of the issue. Later they went back to denial and blaming the publishers.

  • kaik
    My cousins told my mom that the "A" is coming and will most likely happen this fall because it is 101 years when Jesus started to rule. My mom has surgery scheduled in October they told her not to go, because she may miss a chance to live in paradise, while she is recovering in hospital. I was a kid in 1975, and I remember when my JW aunt told as that we do not have to go to school because "A" is coming. 40 years later, she is dead.
  • JWdaughter


    Is their god going to hold it against your mom that she is in a hospital when the end comes? Whatever moment that is would presumably find some asleep, some sitting on the toilet and others having sex. How would being in hospital keep one out of paradise? I hope your mom gets her needed surgery and recovers in good health.

  • John Aquila
    John Aquila
    My mom has surgery scheduled in October they told her not to go, because she may miss a chance to live in paradise, while she is recovering in hospital.


  • ToesUp

    "My mom has surgery scheduled in October they told her not to go, because she may miss a chance to live in paradise, while she is recovering in hospital."

    You just can't make this stuff up! Bat***t crazy!

  • kaik

    Yeah, it is crazy cult. I had visited my mom last month and find out that she suppose to have hip surgery, but my cousins told her that she is wasting time for it because "A" is about to happen. My mom is in pain for a while so I was pushing her to see specialist. When I talked to her about the surgery, she told me she cancelled and she does not even have money post- surgery rehab, because she donated them in June/July on the convention. My cousins said to her, that she would miss a chance if "A" is happening and she will be recovering somewhere in the spa resort. So my mom cancelled all the doctor appointments. I spent entire day with social services to get her to the surgery and if all goes well, she would have one next month.

    My cousins also initiated study with my niece and they keep pushing to her that is 101 years since Jesus rule, and she should get baptized in order to survive the storm. Last time I remember my cousins were crazies in the end stage of this world was in the 1989's. It was 70 years since 1919, and they would insist that "A" will be that year!

  • kaik
    Additional info from my mom about all this BS. My cousin told her that she has weak faith and she could find herself unprepared as the virgins in the Mat 25:1-13. So instead awaiting arrival of bridegroom, she would be laying somewhere on recovery room in rehab facility.
  • MrMonroe

    I just blew it off, I knew they were wrong. Strangely I don't feel that sure this time.

    Violias, what you need to recognise is that the JW concept of Armageddon was constructed by Joseph Rutherford out of a grab bag of OT and NT scriptures that suited his own tastes for divine revenge on those who didn't swallow his interpretation of a jealous, punitive God. Russell's view of Armageddon was quite different and it was no more or less logical or scripturally accurate than Rutherford's version ... or indeed a version created by you, me or Billy Graham.

    For proof of this, track down the book "Counting the Days To Armageddon" by Robert Crompton; it's an excellent forensic examination of how the whole JW system of dates was developed -- dates arbitrarily chosen, then later abandoned. What today's JWs have ended up with is a system that works for them today, but could be abandoned just as easily as the old chronology beliefs were. I swallowed it all when I was a JW without checking anything. I believe in God, but I now I have no belief in any Armageddon brought on by God. That fear has gone.

  • snugglebunny
    Oh, and don't forget to bequeath your nest egg from the sale of your house to the organization when you die.
    Interesting. Houses bequeathed to the WT society don't go on the market via estate agents but are auctioned off to the highest bidder.
  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    its not only a cult

    its a SCAM

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