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  • joe134cd

    Just curious but how do the people off this forum find reddit.

    For myself I find reddit to be sadly lacking in the JW world. I just don't find the depth there e.g one sentence replies, trying to be funny. I find the language and rudeness there to be over whelming. I can't sort of seem to build a report with posters as the come and go so quickly. I find reddit hard to navigate. To be honest because of the lack of depth I just find reddit frustrating.

  • jwundubbed

    I found reddit the site to be confusing. It isn't my thing. I tried it as an xJW resource when a forum I had been using shut down and I didn't like it. I didn't like how people treated each other. I wasn't there very long but it just didn't sit right with me. I haven't used it since.

  • hothabanero

    It is run by assholes. I joined and got booted in a week. So much for free speech!

    Also they all seem to worship John Sedars, who is a complete moron.

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    I find reddit excellent but it was confusing to start off with, the exjw subreddit is sometimes excellent and sometimes pathetic but that is the internet for you tbh. The swearing on there I find cathartic but can see how it would be off putting to some.

    The numbers on the exjw sub are growing very rapidly: and you will often see exjw posts on the main page or 2nd page of reddit which means plenty of non jws get to see the cult nonsense too.

  • tiki

    Yeah...I took a look at it and found the format annoying....but they did have the totally inane wt that shows you how to open your mouth and photos....

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    @hothabanero Why do so many people take issue with John Cedars? A lot of activists seem to detest him. Is it the atheism thing? Or the fact that he's against the Russia ban? Shed some light, please.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    wake me up--re John Cedars

    he was very active on here a very few years back--and a prolific poster. he had his supporters--and opposers.

    he was also involved in setting up an over-night facebook group for xj's---and over 1000 members were added without their consent or approval. including me. many of these members were in fact " outed" by putting their real names on an open xj site. there was fury and uproar --on here--about it. i really have no idea--or interest--in whether its still going.

    cedars had a head on collision with the site owner here--so is no longer a member.

  • amicabl

    I personally like Lloyd, he can be a bit overwhelming, but the subjects of his posts are carefully thought through and presented in a surprisingly professional and interesting way.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    is it by coincidence that AAWA popped up on my facebook page after i replied above ?

    the name of the group i mentioned is AAWA.

  • darkspilver

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