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  • never a jw
    never a jw

    @hothabanero: "John Sedars, who is a complete moron."

    Just learn to separate the messenger from the message and also learn to look at the big picture. Don't obsess with alleged personality traits of Lloyd.

    In the big scheme of things he has, and continues to do more good than bad in our fight against the cult...and that's more than we can say about most exJW's

  • undercover

    I drop in at reddit once in awhile. Even created a logon name...and promptly forgot the password.

    I see a lot of kids on the reddit exjw feed. I mean 'kids' by ages of anywhere from 12 to 20, struggling with coming to terms with being raised in a cult and trying to find a way out from under their parent's control. I've read more than a few instances of teens being kicked out of the house when they declared they were done with being a JW. I'd never really realized how awake the young generation had become. The Internet has really been a dagger in the heart to the WTS method of indoctrinating young people.

  • steve2

    Reddit is okay - especially the exJW site.

    Be aware that what reddit feed you get is based on what you have looked at earlier. An earlier poster said that exjw feeds appear on the main 2 pages - that is only provided you have accessed those pages before. It would not present those feeds to all reddit users.

    The sly asides about John Cedars made by an earlier poster were uncalled for. Stick to the message, not the messenger.

  • MaxTan

    I find the exjw Reddit great. That is partially because I read a lot of other subreddits and I find the format easy to follow, and it's convenient to check the exjw subreddit when I have the app (Relay or Baconreader) open on my mobile.

  • WingCommander

    Oh yeah, I post more on there than here now. Not because I don't still luv this site, but because that one is 10x more active. You have to understand, REDDIT is HUGE with the youth. They go right to it. Just hit the "New" tab on the xJW forum to see all of the messages in order. It makes it less confusing when browsing there. Many cross-overs from here as well. It is growing by leaps and bounds, and many do give Props to this forum and sites like JWFACTS as well. It's not competition, but instead camaraderie!

    And yes, many people trip over their dicks over Lloyd Evans. This is because the youth that are showing up know absolutely NOTHING about his past history of douchebaggery on here and facebook. They think he's the 2nd Coming of Ray Franz or something. It's really sick!!!! He has his moments, but it's hard to overlook his previous behaviour and also his self-aggrandizing ego.

  • pale.emperor

    I find Reddit a pain to navigate. It feels like im using a 1990s version of the internet.

    As regards to Lloyd Evans, i dont know much about him, i do enjoy his videos but will i shite spend £26.75 on his book. I'll wait until it's on eBay 2nd hand for a few quid. I mean it's not as if he's covering his losses or anything, it was funded with a "go fund me" page wasnt it?

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