Katie just left me

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  • jgnat

    Ooooh, Cruse, you are SO GONNA GET it when she gets home. I will make sure of it.

    So let's start a thread. What people do to live outside the org. Hmmmm. The list would be endless wouldn't it? Off the top of my head,

    • Get A Tan
    • Read Books From The Library
    • Bake Cookies For Sad Neighbour
    • Grow Real Flowers in Garden
    • Watch TV All Night
    • Have Friends And It Doesn't Matter If They Have Never Heard of A Time Card

    I have just started attending a new church, and let me tell you the contrast to the org is mighty refreshing. I walked in unnanounced and unknown, and I can't get in or out of the place without 4 or 5 people coming up to greet me. I could use their library without being a member. The teenagers can play their guitar in the Band. I have taken communion (aka Memorial) twice. The introductory bible study lasts ..... ONE DAY. They serve PIZZA at the introductory bible study. Both pastors have cornered me after the service and asked how I was doing. The ladies get a fashion show next Saturday (Invite All Your Friends).

  • moreisbetter

    That wasn't funny. We have a saying in Texas for people who play like that........"get a rope"

    LMAO. I love to watch people in love!

    Sometimes we even have a little nostalgia about the org; after all, it was our entire life until a couple years ago. It's all so cool. I'm slowly getting used to it...sort of like a zoo animal that unexpectedly gets out of the cage

    Someone who I consider a very wise friend asked me the other day: "How long have you been out?" 8 years I said. "Well, in a very real way you are only 8 years old......" LOL! Very profound I thought.

  • onacruse


    I only gripe about worldly people.

    Talk about irony. I was recently laid off from my construction superintendent job, and this last couple of months I've been doing the good old hands-on finish carpentry. Guess who offered me some work, and even just within the last hour called me to do more? A "worldly" guy that I've worked with over the last 25 years, and who I tried (unsuccessfully LOL) to get to be a JW. He is a real friend, thick and thin.

    One saying he told me years ago, and which I now laugh at somewhat less heartily (because it has the ring of truth to it):

    A man without religion is like a fish without a bicycle.


    Katie's fam is all somewhat south of you. But, hey, are we maybe still planning on some kind of NWFest this summer? One thing for sure, searcher is coming over from UK this July, and will be staying with Katie and me for a week. DakotaRed has already offered his home for one get-together (maybe 15-20 folks). Perhaps we can set up something in S. Oregon or N. Calif?


  • onacruse


    Save your ammo...I've no doubt that Katie will do a payback thread when she gets home (probably typing it in as she stands on my bruised and battered body). LOL


  • JH

    Katie just left you,

    And now she just arrived here.

  • onacruse

    LOLOLOL @ JH! Katie will be so glad to know that her (in)famous flying(?) pigs are still alive and well!


    Read Books From The Library

    Katie and I went to a Goodwill center last week, one that I used to go to almost every day. Books "by-the-bin," 50 cents each. An incredible number of WTS books every day, even some old ones (40s and 50s). People just don't seem to see the value of those old publications! LOL. Katie is doing volunteer work at the local community library...what a gal.

    btw, I know Princess is planning to have a SeattleFest this summer. I was wondering if something near S. OR might also work out? My e-addy is [email protected]; if I can be of help, let me know.


  • LB

    Ona I knew it was a joke as soon as I read the title. I also knew you'd be getting your butt chewed out.

    Southern Oregon apostaBBQ would be great. Especially since I live outside of Butte Falls.

  • bikerchic

    Oh honey!! You are so busted!!! Wait until I get home........................

    Katie (hummm pigs do fly don't they?)

    PS Nite sweetie!

  • onacruse

    Damn, there're computers all over this planet! I thought I'd get at least a good 12 hours head start on her with this thread! LOL

    Craig<-----of the she's-gonna-bust-my-ass class

  • songmistress


    You are a baaaaadddddd boy and will deserve everything Katie dishes out when she gets back. Not only that, but you used the D*** word which is against # 3 in Simons posting guide lines, so double busted for you buddy boy.

    Katie, it was not a pretty picture before you finally got up here and I certainly hope Craig does not backslide too much into old habits while you are gone. He's worthless without you around.

    LOL Love ya both

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