Katie just left me

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  • onacruse

    ...to visit her family in AZ and CA. (She'll flog me when she comes home next week and sees I posted this! LOL) 5 great kids, 4 charming grandkids.

    It's just incredible how free we both feel. Every day we talk about all sorts of things, openly and without fear of judgement or a "shepherding call" from the elders. Sometimes we even have a little nostalgia about the org; after all, it was our entire life until a couple years ago. It's all so cool. I'm slowly getting used to it...sort of like a zoo animal that unexpectedly gets out of the cage.

    One thing I've resolved for sure: In answer to "What life is there outside of the Society?" I can say without reservation "Life begins outside the Society."

    Kicked out (fighting all the way) of the WTS, cajoled (skeptical most of the way) to join this forum, captured (what can I say?) by my soul-mate...I'm one lucky sloppy sod.


    PS: Sorry for the misleading title...I just couldn't help myself!

  • riz

    craig you suck i read the title and my mouth fell open.

    i hope she has a great visit! ((((((craig and katie))))))) enjoy your freedom together!

  • WildHorses

    riz, you are not alone. My mouth dropped and I said...........OH NO!!!!! I wanted to cry.

  • SheilaM


    You double suck my heart is pounding meany

  • onacruse

    hehe, I know...I'm a pig...but even pigs deserve love, eh?

  • Brummie

    If hand could reach neck


    "Life begins outside the Society." understatement
  • waiting

    Hey Craig,

    My husband & I are having some work done by jw guy who've we worked with before. And the little sayings started right away...

    "Well, whatever anybody else does....I"M gonna keep going to the meetings."

    yada yada.

    My husband finally told him "You know, I haven't had a migrane since I stopped going to the KH. I also do half the griping I used to. I only gripe about worldly people. Now I don't have to gripe about the witnesses & I don't care."

    He also told the brother that it felt good not feeling guilty all the time.

    Freedom of thought, word & action ain't too bad.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex


    My heart leapt up to my throat and all I could think was "Oh my God no!"

    Okay, I'm telling Katie on you.

  • Joyzabel

    <standing on a chair and glaring @ Craig!!!!>

    Humph, don't do that again. It was not funny to read that title and I hope Katie gets back at you real good for her, then again for me!


  • gumby

    Hey Craig....you know how you get when your lady is away

    AZ, and Calif. eh? My family all lives there ...in AZ....and I live in Californy, so I'll say hi for ya


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