Katie just left me

by onacruse 32 Replies latest jw friends

  • songmistress

    Craig: Would I tell any secrets??? Oooops, I forgot, you know I have a big mouth. I don't mean to carry tales out of school, really I don't. I just open my mouth and out they come. Well on my honor I will try, stick a needle in my eye not to reveal any secrets I know about Onacruse's bachelor habits.

    Cheryl (of the giving up gossip for lent class)

  • songmistress

    I just realized that saying I was giving up gossip for lent means I have to do it. Well my friends pray for my success, because it is in print on a public forum now.

  • animal

    If I remember right, she is coming to my place this week..... woohoo.


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