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  • OrphanCrow
    sparky: Why do Unicorns fart glitter?

    Because unicorns poop rainbow ice cream

  • deegee
    Looking at these wonderful works

    Do you mean these?

    - A hoard of locusts which strips the foliage bare and destroys all of someone's crops?

    - Animals who engage in necrophilia, murder, cannibalism and a myriad of other horrific acts.

    - Creatures like the desert wasp that survive only by laying their eggs inside another creature so that their young are hatched inside the living body of this creature and eat it alive from the inside out?

    - Male sea otters are known to hold otter pups hostage until they are paid a ransom of food by the mother. They are also known to commonly rape baby seals to death, holding their heads underwater. This activity also happens to kill around one tenth of the female otters that they mate with. Even after the seal pup is dead it is not uncommon for otters to continue raping its decaying corpse for up to a week later.

    - Dolphins are some of the most intelligent creatures in the animal kingdom. Their cute looks betray their rapey, murderous nature. Bottle nose dolphins are known to assault porpoises for no reason leaving them for dead. Porpoises do not pose any threat to dolphins and they do not compete for food or territory so this activity is undertaken for nefarious purposes.

    Dolphins frequently kill baby dolphins in order to provoke the mother back into oestrus, a practice which is more common in the animal kingdom than you might think. Male dolphins gang up and then isolate a female, taking turns raping her. If there are no females around, another male becomes the victim.

    - Reports from Antarctic expeditions in the early 20th century on the sexual behaviours of penguins were deemed too extreme for publication. When the information was finally released it showed that penguins frequently engage in necrophilia, sexual coercion, sexual and physical abuse of chicks as well as homosexual and auto-erotic behaviour.

    - Margays are South American ocelots. They mimic the sound of baby monkeys in distress, in order to lure adult monkeys into their clutches.

    - Not to forget our closest cousins, the chimpanzees. Infanticide is commonplace amongst their number. Male chimps who want to drive a female into oestrus will kill her baby and then dismember and eat it in front of her. Female chimps have been observed doing the exact same thing to other females, although their motives are unclear.

    - A tsunami that rips through a town killing thousands of people?

    - Not to mention earthquakes or volcanic eruptions with a resultant death toll?

    - When your body allows a cancer to grow which destroys all of your internal organs?

    - Our biology can host some 30,000 known diseases, and that’s just the known ones?

    - A child born with a mental or physical disorder?

  • venus

    Hi deegee,

    I am working for Forbes, hence familiar with what is going on in the world, and aware of all those things you mentioned--they are all exceptions, and also things have not been so from the beginning. If humans divert the time for accumulating things which they seldom use, all those perversions can be reversed.

    For example, dogs that happen to be with vegetarian masters complete their life-span eating vegetarian food. ( There have been cases of little lamb being saved by lion from chasing cheetah, and lamb continued to grow with the lion. (Discovery Channel) Romans have a coin made in memory of a lion that refused to eat Androcles when he was thrown into hungry lion because Androcles was recognized by the lion as one who helped a thorn to be removed from its leg years back when it was a baby in the forest. ( Even I have been saved by dolphins when I had an unexpected accident while surfing. All these show things can change if humans want.

    Sometimes our own body shake while we are asleep like earthquake—there could be some reason we don’t know. If we are not careful about what to eat, how much to eat …. and what to feed our mind … etc our body would behave like turbulent climate. If thinking of humans collectively become negative and hurtful it would have its corresponding changes in the environment too. Though account of Cain and Abel symbolizes two type of people, aftereffects of spilling blood on earth is symbolically described in Genesis 4 saying earth would retaliate. No disease occurs without any reason—some reasons are discernible and some are not. Even when some know certain habits (such as smoking, drinking alcohol …etc) invite diseases they still continue with it. Everyone should know what to eat, and how much to eat ...etc. But people often choose to go by convenience rather than conviction. For example, everyone knows exploiting the weak is wrong. Yet many humans kill lesser beings, eat their flesh and make a celebration out of their suffering. Even though fondly called non-vegetarian, in reality it is corpse; and killing and eating corpse are violation of the very first law found in the first book of the Bible (Genesis 1:29) which is the scripture for three major religions—Jews, Christians and Muslims. Like any other violation of law, this too will have its consequence in the form of diseases. (Poisons in Your Body,” by Mary and Steven Null). Look at the damage just this one human habit causes besides health hazards: It is “an area 1.5 times the size of the European Union” that is being wasted for animal farming, according to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). ( dt 4.10.2017). When a part of human family suffers from poverty, about 5.5 billion people—up to 76% of the world's population—are `overfat', which invite various diseases. What you feed your mind also matters—every time you are negative having ego, lust, anger, greed, hatred … etc, you create a biochemical reaction in your physical body, which progressively destroys your immune system and your health.

    Only when all humans live like a family, then only we will know what could be the real condition of our earth, environment, animals …etc.

  • EverApostate
    deegee - Good Points. I would save them

    A plant grows on an abandoned building. The building was not designed for plants to grow, but plants grow there due to favorable conditions.

    Like wise, life arose on earth due to favorable conditions.

  • dubstepped

    Oh dear flying spaghetti monster, deegee's post are all "exceptions" but then you talk about how a lion once saved a lamb? You might want to check the meaning of the word "exceptions".

    Also, throwing Forbes around just because you deliver their magazine doesn't build credibility. (Obviously I have no idea what you do there, but my guess is you're not a fact checker.)

  • deegee
    I am working for Forbes, hence familiar with what is going on in the world, and aware of all those things you mentioned--they are all exceptions,

    So for example, can you provide us with the statistics for the death toll for the last 10 years from:

    - earthquakes

    - lightening strikes

    - landslides

    - avalanches ?

    and also things have not been so from the beginning.

    Could you explain this statement with regard to:

    - earthquakes

    - lightening strikes

    - landslides

    - avalanches ?

  • cofty

    Venus you live in LaLa land.

    We know for a fact that there have been earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanoes for tens of thousands of years. For just one example whole civilisations were wiped out in a tsunami that hit Doggerland 8,200 years ago.

    More than 90% of all living things have been wiped out in mass extinctions five times in earth's history.

    The earth is NOT a safe place and never has been.

  • cofty
  • slimboyfat

    I find atheists putting words into the mouths of starving children equally distasteful as believers doing the same.

    They may be a believer, or maybe not. (In all honesty the vast majority in Africa are believers, that’s just a fact) But whatever their own views are, starving children deserve more dignity.

  • cofty

    Cheap shot SBF. Self-righteous virtue signalling at its most smug.

    The point is not whether or not a starving child clings to faith in a loving god who is letting him/her starve to death as an expression of perfect love and fatherly care - the point is how pathetic such a belief would be.

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