Is everything a sign to the jw's?

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  • karter

    Of publisher numbers go up its a sign jehovah must be blessing the work if they go down it a sign the end must be near . If there's an earthquake it a sign.if there's a war it's a sign ..I'm sure Donald trump is sign. Karter

  • skin

    "This convention is a sign that we are closer to the end".

    Overheard at the end of every convention.

  • ShirleyW

    "Is everything a sign to the jw's?"


  • jwleaks

    It's their signature assignment.

  • smiddy

    Definetly most assuredly every negative in society no matter what realm of human endeavour you look at it is a sign the end is near.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Every last big event, trend, news event- all of it are signs.

    Wars, famine, all that bad stuff are signs that we are close to the end.

    Good economies, advances in science or education or medicine- signs that Satan is drawing people away from God therefore the end is near.

    Somehow, efforts and results toward "peace" are part of the cry of "peace and security" so not only wars, but peace is a sign that the end is near.

    Just as Barack Obama being elected American president had to be a sign of people "putting their trust in men" instead of God, therefore the end is near, somehow Donald Trump will also be a sign of "the love of the greater number cooling off" and therefore the end is near.

    Good economies are signs of the love of money, therefore the end is near. Bad economies are signs that people are ready to throw their money into the streets as Revelation mentions somewhere, therefore the end is near.

    The Australian Royal Commission and lawsuits against Watchtower because of pedophiles are signs that the governments of Satan's world are ready to attack true religion, therefore the end is near.

    Somehow, JW's now manage to lump any natural disasters in with their thought that earthquakes are a sign that the end is near. So forest fires, hurricanes, tsunamis etc. are all part of that.

  • never a jw
  • Diogenesister

    The their current numbers are a sign of the END drawing close I think we can safely say Satan has one the bet hands down.

  • cofty

    I asked a JW elder at a literature cart in Edinburgh about the fact that so few people were becoming JWs in recent years. He said it was a sign they were so close to the end. I reminded him that we used to claim that the increase was a sign we were so close to the end.

  • stillin

    I just want to see ONE seven-headed wild beast!

    Apparently, evidently, by extension,

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