Serena William is 'fighting for women'?!

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  • Diogenesister

    I'm a big fan of cartoons and I just want to add no one has seen any of the artists other caricatures.....they are certainly equally unflattering as that certainly is the artists style.Often political commentary has this unflattering style, and after all he is portraying a woman having a tantrum.

  • OrphanCrow

    Cofty, can you adjust those numbers to account for the differences in the number of games played?

    Men play more games (in major tournaments). Just posting the numbers of violations without accounting for a comparison of the number of games played gives a skewed reading.

  • _Morpheus

    Of course he cant “adjust” the numbers. The numbers are what the numbers are. Thats exactly how many violations for each gender and for what specific violation.

    If you want to argue that men are more penalized because they play more “games” feel free, but clearly the facts dont support that conclusion. Men are penalized FAR more often, women simply cry about it more.

    Im sure billy jean and serena will go on a tirade about the stats and call them sexist and racist.

  • cofty
    can you adjust those numbers to account for the differences in the number of games played? -OC

    Yes. The numbers come from an article in The NYT and included the observation that when the numbers were adjusted to take account of men playing longer matches the result was the same. Men are penalised more than women.

    The one exception is that women are more likely to be illegally coached during a game.

  • slimboyfat

    The claim wasn’t that women get penalised more than men overall, but that they are more likely to get penalised for the same offence. These figures don’t answer that question, since it is perfectly possible for men to be half as likely to be penalised for an obscenity, and yet be penalised for obscenities more often than women overall.

  • Simon

    The onus is on her to produce evidence to back up her claim or for her claim to be ridiculed as the pathetic whiney excuses of someone trying to excuse their poor behavior and that they were soundly and fairly thrashed in straight sets.

    I wouldn't be surprised if there were overall fewer incidents of female tennis players being abusive with officials as they tend to be less aggressive and I can easily come up with half a dozen incidents of different male players arguing but only one female player.

    Being 'more agreeable' and less aggressive and competitive is more common for women of course, so the facts are hardly surprising.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    It seems that male tennis players blow up - shout obscenities or smash a racquet - and receive a code violation ... then just get on with the game.

    I read a stat that said the total number of code violations given to women in this year's US Open is 10 ... and three of them went to Serena in the final.

    Serena just wouldn't let it rest, she kept on and on and on.

    The umpire was actually quite patient with her, putting up with a lot of her crap.

    When he wouldn't apologise to her, she said "don't talk to me!" ... then went on haranguing him.

    It's clear Williams didn't want a sensible conversation; she wanted to tear into him.

    He called time and Serena was back to talking at him/down to him, calling him a thief.

    According to the rules, calling an umpire a thief amounts to verbal abuse. He had to give her a third code violation.

    Serena knows all the rules, she knows that a player is responsible for the behaviour of their coach. So when Serena said she didn't see any coaching signals - that's no real defence.

    Serena is a great tennis champion, the best woman of all time.

    But she's not necessarily a great person ...

  • Simon

    What a terrible, terrible decision: the US Open has said that the umpire involved will not be allowed to officiate a match with the Williams sisters.

    Why is this terrible? Because it rewards bad sportsmanship and is effectively sending the message to umpires NOT to apply the rules but to beware of giving decisions against them.

    I hope the spoiled bully never wins another match, certainly not another grand-slam tournament.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    ^^^ that is indeed a bad decision.

    That particular umpire (Ramos?) is actually quite highly regarded. He's tough but fair - a bit of a stickler who applies the rules fairly and consistently. He did nothing wrong in the US Open final - all his warnings and decisions to penalise points and games were correct and in complete accord with the rules.

    Serena is a great player but, like all champions, she hates losing. And when she loses, she starts to behave like a spoilt brat. Well, she needs to grow a bit - she's a 37 year old mother, ffs.

  • LV101

    She's too old to be playing NOW and can't face reality.

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