Serena William is 'fighting for women'?!

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  • OrphanCrow

    LoveUni, there is a history that goes along with the use of "blackface" representations.

    Yes, Serena is black. (hello????) How that is represented does matter.

    And her opponent was Japanese. Not a blonde white woman

  • Simon
    Pray tell what that theme is ...

    All stupid people who should never be given a microphone :D

  • LoveUniHateExams

    How that [Serena's blackness] is represented does matter - nope, not really.

    Cartoonists are free to caricaturise black celebrities, just like they caricaturise white celebrities.

    With all the outrage and squeals of 'racism!' one would've thought he depicted Williams as a gorilla. <---- definitely racist and a big no-no!

    her opponent was Japanese. Not a blonde white woman - the figure drawn to represent Osaka is ambiguous. Is she white or mixed-race in the cartoon? Difficult to tell.

    The cartoonist drew blonde hair because Osaka dyed her hair blonde. Geddit? XD

  • _Morpheus

    There is an underlying story that, unfortunately, serena’s jackassery has ruined...

    serena threw her little hissy fit because shes shes spoiled and feels entittled to win all the time, largely because she always has. Shes been phenominal and dominating but the rare occassions shes lost this has typically been her response, to act like a horses rear end and yell and scream etc etc, but she missed a HUGE opportunity to really represent women this time..

    the main reason she lost is because shes terribly out of shape, at least compared to her normal physique . Just a quick glance at her tells the story. Shes downright pudgy, borderline obese.

    She just had a baby a year ago. She has every reason in the world to be a bit out of shape. She still made the finals. Let that sink in... shes 35 (ish), has her first child and within a year is competing at the highest level of her sport.

    Imagine her saying ‘hey im a new mother, i worked hard to get back and still almost won, you can do it too’... imagine the inspiration. Imagine the strong woman narative. Hell she coulda thrown in a ‘im coming for you next time little girl’ and nobody would have blinked twice. Its a damn shame for womens rights that she went the route she did.

  • VIII

    Serena is not fighting for women. She is fighting for herself only. Just like the majority of "Feminists".

    How do "I" know this? Being a woman I have been undercut, sabotaged and backstabbed by women numerous times. They are just as devious as any TV show depicts them. All for one and one for ME.

    I can't wait until the first transgender tennis player shows up in women's pro tennis...Hopefully, Serena will still be playing.

    Would Serena win against a Transgender woman playing against her? Would she be able to claim sexism? What if the transgender were of the same race? Racism?

    This has started to happen in various sports so it's not too far-fetched...

    I saw her tirade and she was completely out of line. She made the JWs look bad. A shepherding call may be in order.

    As to the tennis player who changed her shirt and got penalized-many female athletes to work out in just a work out bra. That seems fine in any number of sports. Why isn't that acceptable on the tennis sidelines where the temps were soaring? She was not displaying her boobs to anyone. A sports bra is very heavy and concealing. The only thing visible was her midriff.

  • cofty

    This is what a strong woman coming back from pregnancy and returning to the top of her sport looks like. A proper multi-discipline sport by the way, not standing on the baseline smashing a ball and moving as little as possible.

    Jessica Ennis-Hill, physically and psychologically outstanding.

  • LV101

    Serena is a much bigger girl and can't compare -- too many dynamics at play. I think Serena looks great, considering, having had a baby, her frame. So many very young girls with eating disorders -- anorexia at younger and younger ages. She could have been such an example that everyone isn't the perfect lithe athlete -- and she has been. I've admired her tennis success and always wanted her to win. That's certainly changed all because of her behavior -- just so sad and damaging.

  • LV101

    Yes -- Jessica Ennis-Hill looks/is awesome. My nephew just walked behind my laptop screen and is WOWing Jessica, also.

  • caves

    I keep thinking about this video when I see and read about Serena. Sorry couldn't

  • LV101

    Loved the video -- thanks for the share.

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