Remember the Wife of Lot

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  • Addison0998

    For family worship last night, our family watched Remember the wife of lot movie since it will be discussed in the meeting this week. There’s a few things I noticed that I didn’t think about last time I watched it.

    First, the dad is very of course against his daughters going to college or even trying to find a good job. Yet he does accounting, which is a very good job that almost always requires a college education. And he is able to support his family without a second income from his wife. So hypocritical. It’s like the governing body wants to create a generation of young people who are moochers and leaches. Don’t educate yourself or try to get a great job. Just leach off the older generation who did that. I’m seriously worried about all these young people who are not thinking of their future. Not everyone has parents who can support them forever or a rich old couple in their congregation who has an apartment or basement they rent out to pioneers.

    Also the women never wear jeans. They wear dress pants and the young girl Tina wears old grandma pants. The only time it shows a girl wearing jeans it’s when the older girl Anna starts becoming “worldly” lol. Oh and her friend with the lesbian mom wears jeans. And when Anna straightens up her act, she goes back to grandma pants and little girl bows on her clothes. It’s not a really big deal but it’s weird to me. And almost every scene of a women is in the kitchen cooking. Very passively sexist.

    The whole movie is so melodramatic and very strange. And the whole thing screams cult so much. From the Dad feeling so uncomfortable around people in the outside world including his own family to the others family’s process of becoming a witness.

    And the whole relation to the story of lot doesn’t make sense. They say that Lots wife turned around because she was Materialistic, but has anyone ever considered that if the story was even true, she turned around because there was probably a city exploding and raining fire behind her and it was just a normal human instinct to turn around maybe to make sure she wasn’t about to be blown to pieces?!

  • ToesUp

    WT forgot to tell the rest of the story, when Lot has sex with his 2 daughters. lol

    The interesting thing about Lots wife, she turned around and looked at the city burning and was turned into a pillar of salt but good old David schemed to have people murdered and did other terrible things but he was "Jehovahs friend" and was forgiven over and over again. No pillar of salt for David.

  • sir82

    These movies are written by lifetime Bethelites, people who live cloistered lives, who have been isolated from the real world for decades.

    They have people cook for them, clean their rooms for them, wash their clothes for them, unclog their toilets for them, provide them with free medical, dental, and vision care. They never do anything remotely related to home maintenance more complicated than changing a light bulb. They never have to pay for groceries or utilities or taxes or car payments or insurance. Their only exposure to kids is for 4-5 hours a week in the unnatural & sterile environment of a Kingdom Hall - where the kids are punished if they act like anything other than perfect, miniature adults.

    In short, they live in an institution which, fundamentally, is little different than a prison. Unlike prison, they can leave any time they like - but after a few years, those who stick around become institutionalized, little able to cope with life on the "outside" (if you haven't done so, see the film "The Shawshank Redemption").

    They are completely & utterly clueless about how life really works.

    So it's no surprise that the movies they write & film are utterly devoid of anything remotely realistic.

  • eyeuse2badub

    Lots' wife was really worth her salt!

    just saying!

  • LongHairGal


    I don’t think the story of Lot’s wife fleeing a burning town has any comparison to anybody going to college to get a career to support themselves? And, yes, a father who does accounting OBVIOUSLY went to college.

    It is also totally unreal to imagine that parents can support their children forever. That’s why “worldly” and sensible people make sure their children can support themselves.


    I agree that these things are probably written by cloistered bethelites who have no idea about real life in the REAL world..deluded individuals who criticize responsible working people. With all the bethelites having been kicked to the curb...they’re still saying nonsense like this???

    When the remaining bethelites finally get their pink slip and are told they have to leave, they are going to experience shock as they learn what life is like outside (especially if they are older)..I have NO pity for them because of their delusional arrogance and nasty remarks.

    When they go back to their home congregations they will not be a welcome sight by people who are tired of being asked for money. Maybe some brother with a business will tolerate them for a low salary.

    The only upside to this is that every day for the rest of their lives when these ex-bethelites go to their low paid job that they hate - that they remember all the nasty things they said about decent people in the workforce - a place they never thought they’d be.

  • sir82

    But, even with all the bethelites who have been kicked to the curb in recent years, they are still saying nonsense like this???

    Well yeah - the scripts are written by the Bethel survivors, not the ones who got kicked out.

  • LongHairGal


    Yes, I’m sure the scripts are written by those clueless ones still in. But, you mean to tell me that they don’t even have an inkling about what’s going on outside? Don’t these still-in bethelites hear stories about those who are out? If they had half a brain they’d be making phone calls and preparations.

    Well, they are going to find out the HARD way what life is like outside when their turn comes! Good luck in the workforce.

  • sir82

    But, you mean to tell me that they don’t even have an inkling about what’s going on outside?

    Sure - they watch network news, see relentless horrors and awful events, and are convinced that Satan controls the whole world. That, and 4 minute conversations with "regular publishers" at their congregations, shapes their entire world view.

    Don’t these still-in bethelites hear stories about those who are out?

    Sure - those who do well, "See? Jehovah is blessing you". Those who are struggling, "you just need to concentrate more on putting the Kingdom first."

    If they had half a brain they’d be making phone calls and preparations.

    "It will never happen to me" - spoken by 90% of the world's population, not just Bethelites.

  • blondie

    toesup, I thought the same thing how the WTS skips over Lot having sex with his 2 daughters, who had a son each. Amazing how impregnation occurred only on one time each when he was totally drunk. The WTS does no address why Lot offered his 2 daughters to the crowd to be raped.

  • JW_Rogue

    That video was so weird, not because of the content but how it was presented. Was it a sitcom? A dramedy? A film with a serious message? It was all over the place.

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