Remember the Wife of Lot

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  • Sigfrid Mallozzi
    Sigfrid Mallozzi

    I've been successful in getting my family out, although wifee and myself divorced. My daughter is attending a UNIVERSITY studying the trade of Bio-Chemistry. She is very smart and while reading this post I was reflecting that if I hadn't set the lead to get out, she could be pioneering this year. This is a real blessing from Jah.

  • smiddy3

    Welcome to this site S.M. its a bonus when you have success in getting your family out ,i`m sorry about your breakdown in marriage though ,but as they say that`s life.

    Excellent news that your daughter is attending university now and studying Bio-Chem.I can imagine how proud you must feel for her .

    This is a great success story for you and your daughter.

    Take care.

  • pale.emperor

    I never got what was wrong with the oldest daughters hair... there's a bit at the dinner table where she goes back to the cult mentality and the family say "you gotta fix your hair" and they all laugh.

    Anyone know what was wrong with it?

    Has Tony Morris got a problem with bangs now?

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