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  • Sabin
    Yesterday JW knocked on my door, I was sitting in the office with the window right next to it, they couldn't see me & I decided not to answer. They stood there for what seemed ages & as I watched something hit me. They were here only because they were on the territory. There they stood in their mino clothes with bible in hand no doubt believing that this was an act of kindness. It wasn't. I didn't feel any guilt or anger but it did get me to thinking. When none jw go to see their friends for a cuppa or just call by to see how their going, they don't count the time, they don't write it down & report it back to some-one else. It made ne realise that the ministry is a farss. If they are prepared to do that to one of their baptized sisters who they know has been struggling what does that say about the true motives when calling on others. I`m horrified to admit that I`ve done this to sisters who are not coping for what ever reason, I`ve been to encourage them & counted the time. OMG it`s disgraceful. Elders go on shepherding calls to help the weak & write down the hour they spent there, please tell me where the love is in that. Not once did I ever read Jesus say " I got my 10 hours in & 2 shepherding calls" this is so unkind, but it has taken me this long to see it for what it really is, another act of self-righteousness.
  • Island Man
    Island Man

    Yes, counting time is an obscene practice. It cheapens what should be a heartfelt expression of love and devotion to God, into a cold, calculating metric. Keeping count encourages comparisons, egotism and boasting. It also encourages perfunctory service for the sake of having numbers to put down on a report. It encourages an attitude of making hours instead of making disciples.

    The bible says to serve god whole-souled. But how often have you heard a JW pioneer or aux-pioneer commenting that they've made their quota and so they can take the rest of the month off? Are they really giving their best - or just fulfilling a quota. Remember the story of the widow's mite? Counting time violates all that that story stands for because it causes people to be spiritually measured by the quantity of time they put in rather than the subjective effort they put into their ministry. A "poor widow" secularly employed, struggling single parent publisher could be giving 5 hours of quality service out of their want. But they're seen as less spiritual than a "wealthy" pioneer who is a retiree with lots of time on his hands and able to give 70 hours out of their surplus.

    Can you imagine a man keeping a written report of how many kisses and love-makings he gives his wife each month? How romantic do you think that would be? "Oh look, my kisses are down. Honey, could you come here a minute, I need to give you 5 kisses to maintain my monthly average. Muah! muah! muah! muah! muah! There, I've made my quota for the month! That means I don't need to kiss you for the rest of the month..."

  • Listener
    LOL Island Man, but if I don't get my quota of kisses each month I can harass him, accuse him of being romatically weak and worst of all, withhold any privileges from him.
  • Dumplin

    don't let left hand know what right is doing...

    If JWs did their field service secretly, how would anyone get promoted?

    My older sis told me awhile back that she and my dad would drive around town and put money in needy family's mailboxes at night. Wish there were more people like that in my neighborhood. :(

  • Sabin
    Island man, love the comparison what a brilliant illustration. Thanks
  • 1Averagejoe
    Two weeks ago we had heavy rains. The pioneer sister could not go out so she invited her pioneer partner and preached an hour or so to her male gardener for the first time ever after over a year of his being under their emploment. Making time or real concern for his salvation?
  • ToesUp
    Time equals a task that can be measured. You can be the biggest douche in the congregation but as long as you get your time in, all is well. How else are they going to measure you?
  • Diogenesister

    Sabin very thought provoking

    Islandman love the comparison

    ! muah 💋 ! to you two for great posts!

  • OverlappingGeneralizations

    I always counted my time as I saw it fit, screw the rules.

    If I got put in a car group with a bunch of crap people, and they took an hour-long McBreak, I counted it. Why? Because I relied on Jehovah for the strength to get through the day. Not walking out of there and screaming "this is bullshit!" was my service for that day. I encouraged those crap-ass people with my fake-ass presence. You're welcome.

    If I stopped and saw a baptized person who was dealing with health issues, I counted it. Why? Because I think it was the right thing to do. If my bible studies were sick and I visited them, I was allowed to count it. But not if my fellow brother was sick? Encouragement is encouragement, right? Why does one count and the other doesn't? Bull. Count it all.

    If I worked a territory far away, I counted the drive. "But brother, did you stop at a filling station and place a tract first to start your time?!?" NO. Either the drive counts or it doesn't. In my case, I left the house "for Jehovah", so it counts.

    All in all, I agree with the above posters, counting time is a total farce anyway. When I did count time, my theory was this: If I was doing something I normally wouldn't do, and I was doing if 'for Jah', then I counted it.

    I honestly think, if I didn't have to count my time, I would have done more. Wanting to do something and feeling charitable is a much stronger motivation then being told I HAVE to do something.

  • punkofnice
    Elders go on shepherding calls to help the weak & write down the hour they spent there

    When I wa an elder we were told we couldn't count the time shepherding a craptised sheeple. Has this changed or was this just the biggest bully on the boe being a prat?

    I never did find the scripture about counting time.

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