FWD: let's get JW's propaganda out of Disneyland

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  • rebel8

    Personally, I would focus more on shorter paragraphs and things that Disney would directly care about:

    1. Disney may think they are helping out a quirky super conservative xian group, but in fact it is a sinister high control group.
    2. This is a hate group that teaches everyone will become white in Paradise, women are inferior, and homosexuality is wrong. They even recently produced children's videos encouraging kids to tell their peers that their homosexual parents are sinners.
    3. They are against the Magic Kingdom and all kinds of magic in children's entertainment. They have recently produced a children's video explaining that Satan is happy when they play with wizard toys.
    4. They do not believe in protecting children, and are now the subject of ongoing legal action in several countries for forcing molestation victims to tell graphic rape details to pastors, denying rapes happened, blaming victims and threatening them not to go to authorities.
    5. Many Disney movies are prohibited for them to see because they contain magic or any other thing on their lengthy list of no-nos.

    Insert links backing up all of these things, and I think you've got a strong case they will pay attention to.

  • stuckinarut2

    Hypocrisy at its finest!

    The society condemned going to these theme parks instead of bethel.....

  • jaydee

    Hey there


    from some of the news stories over the years,

    I guess that the JW Pedophiles would fit right in at Disneyland.


  • smiddy

    Obviously parents today need to be more vigilant about where their children are who they are with and not put your trust in any individual or organisation that you once thought was a safe place for your child.

    Thats scary jaydee


    Hey there OUTLAW.

    from some of the news stories over the years,

    I guess that the JW Pedophiles would fit right in at Disneyland.

    That may be .....But..

    I doubt Disneyland wants that Reputation..

  • GLTirebiter

    Just tell them about Sparlock, the Warrior Wizard. Disney's corporate policy may tolerate recruiters, but competitors are another story!

  • daringhart13

    We saw two tables in October.....one down by ESPN Zone and one by the Lego World....I was seething....but my girlfriend wouldn't let me approach and completely destroy their garbage.......off we went to a place filled with magic and wizards.....

    ....you know, you can be Jehovah's friend if you're outside the park, right? A JW would never go into Disneyland, right? What would Caleb say about throwing away Sparlock?

  • Wakanda
  • Dagney

    A friend sent me the youtube of somebody approaching the tables. I could not believe it. And I know the elder who confronted him in the nice argyle sweater...no suit.

    I mean THIS ISN'T EVEN HIS TERRITORY! He lives about 20 miles away. How did they score this gig? And nobody wants to talk to them when you come to DT Disney! What a joke!

    Easy hours I know, in a cool area. Really a joke.

  • darkspilver

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