Stop Jehovah's Witnesses from posting outside of Disneyland

by Roberto Carlos 35 Replies latest jw friends

  • Roberto Carlos
    Roberto Carlos

    Please Sign Petition To Have Disneyland Stop JW's Preaching Outside Gate

    Click Here To Sign Petition (Not Spam, Real Link)

    Jehovah's witnesses have been involved in vast amount of pedophilia cases. Late last year a detailed report was released by the Australian Royal Commission on 1006 files of reported sexual abuse since 1950 and not a single one if these was ever reported to the authorities.Link Here .The Watchtower had failed to report over 1006 alleged child abusers in its membership to the authorities, and that this was not merely due to incompetence but rather a deliberate result of Watchtower policy and doctrine. Disneyland is the happiest place on earth, a place where families gather to enjoy a day out. Little do they know that right outside the gates are wolves dressed in sheep's clothing. I implore The Walt Disney Company not to allow this organization to post outside its gates which would cause a deliberate threat to children and family.

  • cofty

    Hi Roberto welcome to the forum

    I think there is a good case to be made about the failure of JWs to take appropriate action to protect children in the organisation. That has led to pedophiles being allowed to go door-to-door posing a threat to children in the community. The public should be made aware of that. JWs also do no vetting of those who represent them in public which ought to be the case in an environment like the one you describe.

    I just have a concern that you are overstating your case. Your statement seems to imply that JWs in general pose a threat to children. I'm not sure if that was your intention? Would you consider a more balanced statement that more people might feel comfortable to support?

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    People who are outside the property of a private establishment are allowed to proselytize, gather petitions, etc.. A sidewalk is public property even if it's right in front of the business.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    JW's outside Disneyland ?


    both make believe.

  • joe134cd

    There are 2 things I ought to mention here.

    (1) if they are out on the street there is nothing Disney can do.

    (2) This isn't widely known but Walt Disney is far from blame themselves when it comes to pedophilia, satanism, free masonary, themselves. There movies are quite often loaded with suggestive messages. Some of which Disney (unlike Wt) have apologized for or have later had to digitally re-do (which Wt frequently Walt Disney was certainly a troubled man who had pedophilia leanings. If you ask me I think they sort of complement each other. Below is a link to one of the many evidences you will find with a simple google search

  • just fine
    just fine

    Disney isn't interested in fixing this. I had tickets and asked them to stop the JWs from doing this or refund my ticket price. They refunded my ticket price........

  • baker

    They have the right to do this, just like you have the right to not listen, or as some are now doing, approaching the JW carts and engaging them.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    just fine,

    They refunded my ticket price........

    That was a decision made by a grunt worker. The top executives might think or do something else. However, as I just stated before, they may not be able to do anything about it if its on public property. Do you know if they were on public property? If they weren't then you may want to write a letter - not email - to their public relations department.

  • darkspilver

    Roberto Carlos: Stop Jehovah's Witnesses from posting outside of Disneyland

    You may wish to read the following thread from just two months ago....

  • just fine
    just fine

    VI - no it was not a grunt worker. The grunt worker refused to do anything. And I kept at it and got a higher level supervisor who said there isn't anything they can do. I also wrote to their corporate governance office. Believe it or not I am not an idiot.

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