FWIW -- Anonymous suggests North Korea will start WWIII before the end of this year

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  • kpop

    I doubt it will happen because fanatical dictators are rarely truly insane. They are cold and calculating and do despicable things if they think they will ultimately benefit.

    I agree but as I said, take it with a grain of salt. I'm just stating what Anonymous on 4chan said a few days ago before they made the video. Sometimes they are right, sometimes they are wrong and I agree with you that this is just sabre rattling. Lil Fat Kim is not that stupid...... or is he?

  • waton

    With this new unknown player elected, I am hoping for a development like what happened in the other important countries left divided after WW2, Germany and Vietnam (minus the tragedies of the French and American interventions there) What a great contribution Korea united could make to the world, without the power politics that mar this planet.

  • TD

    World War III? With a country approximately the size of Ohio, an antiquated military, heavy dependence upon its neighbors for technology, a horrendous shortage of ammunition, a missile program still in its infancy and no meaningful defense against stealth?

    Pass me the salt...

  • bohm
    I know most of you don't know what Anonymous is or what the real 4chan is

    Trolls, disseminators of fake stories made up by various intelligence agencies, neo-nazis, basement-dwellers, "alphur-male" virgins and the mentally ill? Am I close?

    but both are saying that their global meta data

    "Global meta data". Would that be wikipedia and made up crap?

    is pointing that now with South Korean elections going to a pro war candidate (Moon, who is a psycho)

    I like how you run away the moment someone asks you to substantiate any of these claims :-).

    Trolls copy-pasted from 4chan has a 100% failure record on this site; to take the two most recent ones, the photoshopped Macron offshore account and the "omg Muslims!" story about how Sweden was censoring its internet which turned out to be 100% fake news (it was a British newspaper which, according to itself, blocked out a story in Sweden to not interfere with an ongoing trial).

    Heck, I notice you have the good sense to not post a link to whatever crap you are referencing ;-).

  • waton

    World War III? ,no, but even another local Korean war would be tragic enough.

    No ideology, style of government, is worth dying for or as suffering as a victim.

    Please North Korea (now possibly helped by new South K government). :Take a lesson from Japan, Germany, not Viet Nam. You do not try to win against America, no, you lose. You will be amply rewarded, Marshall plan...

  • bohm

    I wonder how the "global meta data" ("u right click on teh world & select 'view source'") predicts North Korea will deliver its nukes during WW3. I am hearing they are breeding pigeons to super size by feeding them on Kim Young Uns leftover pancakes. Once they are the size of semis they will swallow the nukes and shit them over South Korea. This is totally legit because 4chan has totally non-photoshopped pictures of truck-sized pigeons.

  • steve2

    It's complicated. South Korea had their election today and voted in an idiot who is a war mongering psycho.

    Two extraordinarily contradictory sentences. All that is missing is the laugh track.

    I get that it's complicated - it really is! - but kpop then uses the most laughably simplistic cartoon labels to describe South Korea's newly elected president, Moon Jae-in. Yet it is this man who has an expressed intention and heavily vested interest in improving dealings with Pyongyang.

    Come to this forum for informed and astute political commentary - oh, and throw in the terrifying spectre of a prophecy that North Korea will start WW3 before year's end.

    Folks, you heard it here first.

  • hothabanero

    ppl on this thread are not even bothering to check the original claims. Moon is a warmonger & total psycho -- he said during a debate that he hate gays for instance.

    The anonymous video is based on real intel the MSM just don't want to cover it.. even the fake news MSM can't hide the very real buildup around North Korea.

    I don't know if there will be war within a year or not... but things are not looking good. We should consider all options when it comes to North Korea and not just dismiss these issues

  • hothabanero

    @cofty: Sorry 2 tell u but u are buying into the lying MSM on this one. Look at the anon video. Moon is on record saying he hate the gay. U are parroting regressive liberal talking points about North Korea... I know the liberal media loves to make excuses for colored ppl who hate gays (Muslims) but don't buy into it... Kpop is right, he is a total psycho and warmonger.

  • David_Jay

    One needs to be very wary about predictions of a coming "World War III," mostly because it has become a misnomer that often gets confused with a nuclear war or any holocaust scenario.

    In reality, there was no such thing as "World War I" until 1941, when the bombing of Pearl Harbor by the Japanese got the United States to formally enter the war against the Axis Powers. With the USA added, the new situation got dubbed "World War II."

    The previous international war was merely called "The Great War" until then. After the new "buzzword" for the 1941 war came into play, the Great War became "World War I."

    Wars get their names after they've begun, and even then these can change depending on what follows or due to the final outcome. A nuclear exchange between the superpowers is often called "World War III" in the minds of many, but so are smaller nuclear war scenarios like the one we are talking about here. It has become an "anything to anybody" buzzword.

    To be honest, even if North Korea started some nuclear exchange, it might not involve the entire world at war. In fact, some important academics and historians are checking to see if the title "World War IV" may be more appropriate due to words spoken by Pope Francis between 2014 and 2015.

    Pope Francis has several times described the current world situation as a "piecemeal" world war, several times referring to it as "World War III" in his speeches to dignitaries while on his world tours. The Pope may be technically correct as almost the entire world is either engaged in the "War on Terror" or some other battle at present.

    While only history will tell if the Pope will be considered the first person to dub the present world paradigm correctly as "World War III" (and I am NOT saying I agree with him whatsoever), semantically-speaking the current situation is more of a world war than an exchange of weapons between only the U.S. and North Korea would be. If anything, one might argue that such an exchange can only add to the current world paradigm, not be the act that begins or defines it.

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