What's your opinion on out of body experiences?

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  • qwerty

    I posted this reply to

    anti-absolutism's threadDoes anyone TRULY die?

    This as probably been discused before, read on though please tell me your thoughts now that you are not bound by WTS teachings (or maybe you still are)......................

    Hi Anti-

    Glad you mention this, I was going to start a thread with a topic on near death or out of body experiences.

    A couple of weeks ago on British TV there was a program all about this subject (I hope any UK posters who saw this will comment), it was quite balanced, and it looked at both sides of the argument.

    I was so moved by the stories of those who claimed to have "seen the light" that I had to tape it for my JW wife. After watching it, even she had to agree that the WT doctrine could be wrong.

    One specialist said that all those who have had this experience, afterwards it as changed their lives for the good. They become less worried about materialistic things and concentrate on family life, love, and compassion and become more humanitarian. They all become spiritually focused in life. One man gave up it lucrative job in the city , apologised to those he had wrong, asked their forgiveness and now lives in a modest home. His career as has done an about turn; he works as a councillor for people with serious problems.

    Most of the examples mentioned seeing themselves looking down on their bodies (all pronounced clinically dead). Even though they could not see or hear what was going on around them, they could relate to the hospital staff later what was done and said, were instrument was kept etc; to the astonishment of the staff that were in the operating theatre at the time.

    They mentioned being pulled to a bright light, which felt like going over a hill in a car at high speed. When they got into the light, they all mentioned feeling intense love all around them; one person said that this was the place of all knowledge. There were relatives waiting for them, one lady asked if the light they were standing in was God! The answer was that the light was the breath of God. She said here uncle told her, it was not her time and she had to go back. This lady did not want to go back, but her uncle argued the point and took her back to the operating theatre. She said he pushed her back and her body jumped on the table, she was back!

    The one experience that really got me was of a Lady who had been blind from birth, had never seen the world around her, and could not explain what light was even, before her experience that is. She describe similar to the above, as she came out of her body she could see! She said she could see her self, what was going on around her (again to the amassment of the hospital staff), her body void of life etc. She went up through the roof, could describe cars, trees, birds, you name it. To cut the story short she when "to the light", but was brought back again.

    I cannot remember the figures but out of a study of hundreds of people who had been clinically dead/near death and brought back that, the ones conducting the study said that a big percentage of them had had out of body experiences!

    It made me realise and gave me a sense of peace and contentment to know that beyond this life, life I believe does go on. After coming out of the Borganisation, it is comforting to know, God is BIGGER ( if you know what I mean) than we were lead to believe as Witnesses.

    Wow my posts are getting longer for a change!

    Thoughts anyone?


  • QCA1

    Hi Qwerty

    My opinion on out of body experiences is that we are more than our body.

    I have had 3 so far but not in an emergancy way you understand. I have been out of my body and seen myself laying there,it is amazing.I know of several people that have had this experience for whatever reason and the same applies,we are more than our body.

    I say to those who scoff at this, investigate.


  • nightwarrior


    Yes i had such an experience some years ago,out on field service met this couple,nice conversation ,went back with the mags,as you do covering a particulair topic,( ASTRAL PROJECTION ) leaving your body while sleeping as in a dream state, anyhow upon returning to the house was invited into the kitchen with the wife ,whom chatted for a while over a cup of tea this l;ady started staring at me i suddenly felt a strange feeling i felt myself detaching fom my physical body moving over towards the woman in a seperate body yet still the same body and kissing her on her cheeck,afterwards i felt drained,my testicles felt different as if they were throbing but no pain, i had previously felt this particulair feeling when i had taken part in a article reading type situation some years before i had been looking into spiritismn,any how my outer body experience lasted for possibly seconds but it happened,for sure.

    she said to me if you dont want to acknowledge what has just happend you dont have to0, i allso felt that i needed to be near this woman felt really drawnt to her ,as if she was my best friend ,of course i ignored the conversation ,as i thought she was a witch,anyhow i approached an elder ,as you do, he wasnot interested ,he didnot have any experience with matters concerning anything other than the preaching ,so it died a death.to this day i realize there are some strange things going on in everyday life which you must investigate yourself supernatural happenings at work ,someday we will find the answers to many questions and thoughts ,but alass some only beleive things if they have experienced them themselves. (BOO ) WHAT ?///IS BEHIND YOU /?????


  • AlanF

    "Out of body" experiences are nothing more than unusually intense dreams, or dreamlike states of mind. I sometimes have extremely intense dreams where I'm convinced I'm awake and experience somewhat unusual things. My stepson has had amazingly realistic "out of body" experiences while sleeping normally, even though he's not been injured or sick. He swears that in these, he can look down on his body and go swooping around the neighborhood.


  • Eppie


    Hmm, i've never had such an experience but I must say it sounds interesting, a bit scary as well. I do not believe anymore and like to think that there is nothing besides here and now. Thinking that you will go to a god after you die sounds scary to me as i immediately start thinking in the JW way: o god i got drunk yesterday or did this or that which is not allowed by the bible, and immediately think that i will not go to heaven/paradise but will die a second death. Are there any experiences known of people that were not drawn to some kind of light but to some kind of horrible dark place?


  • LittleToe

    AlanF Wrote:

    "Out of body" experiences are nothing more than unusually intense dreams, or dreamlike states of mind.

    Interesting statement, Alan. You seem quite categoric.
    I believe that there is far more, outside the miniscule capsule of synapses that we call our minds, than we dare believe.
    Of course, my statement need not necessarily be any more correct than yours.

    Just my 2p.

  • Solace

    LT has a point.

    Sometimes people only believe what is physical, or solid. You just cant deny that there have been many people with similar experiences. How can so many people dream the same thing, or know things that they otherwise wouldnt have, while they are unconscious, or flatlined?

  • Simon

    We are capable of 'out of body expriences' all the time - just imagining ourselves in different situations or places can be a conscious thing or a dream.

    Nothing strange about that.

    Why people in the middle of opeations and such like (when they have been given drugs) suddenly think it's some supernatural experience is beyond me.

    Like a computer, our brain is capable of 'rendering' the scene from sifferent viewpoints. Just because I can have a picture from the corner of the room does not mean that I've been in the corner of the room.

    Can you tell I'm skeptical?

  • Ginosko

    Have you heard about "Lucid Dreams"? I used to have them.

    I think it may be common to confuse lucid dreams with out of body experiences.

  • outnfree


    Yes, there are instances where people find the near death experience to be scary, disturbing and uncomfortable.

    "Return from Heaven" by Carol Bowman discusses four different major reactions of people to the out of body experience. You can order a copy by going to www.returnfromheaven.com.

    out (who answered the OTHER thread on this subject as well.) ;)

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