What would happen ??

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  • freddo

    Don't over react. I guess he is either her group overseer or the secretary or both. It is quite normal for a "reports please" text to go to all group members that haven't reported promptly. The sec/gp overseer also would make sure that blood cards were up to date if a baby was due.

    The only slightly out of ordinary one is the "miss you at the meeting" but a keen group overseer might do that if he thinks your wife is struggling spiritually.

    I think he is just being what he thinks is a good elder.

    I would talk to your wife if you feel unhappy, not the elder. I mean this isn't the stone age where men go "Me Tarzan! You - leave Jane alone!"

  • millie210

    I agree with freddo.

    There are things in JW behavoir that are dangerous and things that are in the annoying category.

    I think this falls in the annoying category.

    So choose your battles.

    The only proviso would be if your wife is uneasy or feels pressured. Then she would perceive your speaking out as going to bat for her and that would be an entirely different matter.

    How does she feel about it?

  • Simon

    I am a firm believer that if you take a step backward when someone is going too far then it simply encourages them to take a step forward - it's better to push back.

    As others have already suggested, use the WTS doctrine against them. Lay it on thick. Say it's highly inappropriate for another man to be constantly sending private messages to your wife and is also bypassing your headship.

  • sir82

    He sends her text messages

    According to official WTS policy, they are "dating".

    Dig out the old "Young People Ask" article which explains this and ask him why he wants to date your wife?

  • Clambake

    She thinks he is harmless but she really tries not to tell me too much with those type of things. What scares me if in six weeks it will be Christmas and we disappear for nine/ten days.

    Everyone knows what we are doing but don’t ask don’t tell.

    He seems like the type of guy that would finally make an issue out of it.

  • Clambake


    Holy Shit that is funny

  • Divergent
    Dos she actually reply his texts? In such a situation, the best reply is always no reply
  • Clambake

    She replied “ Sorry, I didn’t get out last month “.

    What I felt like typing was “ Sorry, I just passed something the size of a small pumpkin and am tore ass to vag and taking care of a little eating and poop machine going 24/7 but handling out magazines to people who don’t want is my biggest priority right now. Please pray for me “.

  • DesirousOfChange
    What scares me if in six weeks it will be Christmas and we disappear for nine/ten days.

    Everyone knows what we are doing but don’t ask don’t tell.

    I'm confused what there could be to worry about there. Going on holiday/vacation for 10 days. So what? Visiting family during the holiday week. So what? I don't see how any of that could be construed to be wrong -- as in, Celebrating Christmas.


  • Clambake

    You are trying to tell me that your congregation doesn’t have its own version of Colombo?

    Sure must be fun being a dishwasher or janitor and getting to pretend you are magnum PI, Matlock and law and order all at the same time.

    This guy is so stupid he would actually have a sheparding call over “ Did you really have some Christmas turkey. You can lie to me , you can’t lie to Jehovah “.

    PS- We love christmas

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