How Much Does a Tattoo Hurt?

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  • happyout

    My tatoo was more irritating to get than actually painful. I kind of wanted to smack the artist and say "cut it out!" I don't regret it for one single minute, and I fully intend to get another one with my daughter's name. I think the people who regret they got tatoos either did not think them through thoroughly, or got something that was only temporarily meaningful. The one I have symbolises the nickname I have had for over 20 years, and the one I am planning is my daughter's name (she's in heaven). Of course, when my son is older and sees I have my daughter's name, he may want me to have his name put on me, and that will be ok, too. I would never put my husband's name, there is no guarantee I will stay with him for my whole life.

    One person's humble opinion.


  • animal

    Mine didnt hurt, but I was ripped whan I got it in the army. It isnt big either.

    I am getting one in the near future, either on my upper arm or shoulder blade. It is the patch our Sons of Liberty Riders wear.


  • IronGland

    Tattoos are the new parachute pants, or nehru jacket. Only problem is, you cant take it too the Thrift Store when you become ashamed of the visible representation of herd mentality.

  • Gerard

    It depends, just don't pierce yer...

  • SixofNine

    lol @ IronGland. That was harsh, don'tcha think? lol

    Six- mooooo, meow, baaaa, herd this buddy, class

  • dottie

    I found at first it was a bit uncomfortable but after a while I just got used to it...I was told once though that the outline is the part that hurts the most, depending on what kind of needle they use. I thought it wasn't that bad though. I'm thinking of getting another...but just don't know what yet.


  • Angharad

    Ok I'm seriously thinking of being brave and getting one

    If I got a colour one, do they fade much and how quick?

    Also does anyone know of any good web-sites with designs on?


  • Hmmm

    If you insult them they hurt, just like anybody else.


    (lol @ IronGland)

  • SheilaM


    I really think it depends on the quality of the artist and the dye mine looks just like it did day one so does Thunders it was done by the same person. I know others that fades really fast I just made that correlation.

  • LB

    Modern dyes won't fade as much as older ones. Plus the ones that fade the most anyway are the jailhouse tatts. I wanted a black one and was afraid it would fade to blue eventually. She assured me it wouldn't and then showed me some tatts on her that are black that are several years old. Still look new.

    I have one more to get, and will in the next couple of weeks.

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