The Shit Has Just Started Hitting The Fan For The WT Corporation, Nightmare Stage!

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  • DarioKehl

    From my view, they're deep in the frustration stage. They have been since 2007 when all this shit started changing. I'm going off memory here, so my years may be off!

    2007: early alert in wt study article; first time we heard the call to obey even if things don't make sense "from a human standpoint." They likened future WBTS/GB decisions to gods holy diversions in the Sainai wilderness (forget exact article, but late 07--100% positive)

    2008: no more book studies.

    2009: public/vs private wt editions. First hint that new anointeds are nuts.

    2010: new generation appears in study article for first time. Not acknowledged again until 2011 convention. Creepy-as-hell creepy-ass songbook--all the classics were gutted. Infamous "...nor do we need to know" comment regarding the number of anointed remnant. "Brazen conduct" appears in regular publications (but was only in secret shepherd manual until then).

    2011: Sparlock! JW dot org rebranding officially goes into swing. Infamous "mentally diseased" article takes off. "Overlap" officially mentioned at convention.

    2012: Menlo Park scandal (a prelude to the property grab). Candice Conti trial begins. Pioneer requirement reductions. Magazines become much skinnier. TERMINOLOGY CHANGE: District convention = "regional." Presiding overseer = COBE., etc

    2013: sell-offs in Brooklyn go from rumor to confirmed. Conti verdict & appeal. More anti-apostate rhetoric from convention talk. DOs demoted. GB consolidates power = to faithful slave. New bible. "Brazen conduct" replaces "loose conduct" in revised NWT.

    2014: tight pants revisited. More sell-offs. Int'l conventions ignore 100 yr anniversary of 1914. JW broadcasting launched & immediately backfires due to open criticism from general public. Conti appeal and GB no-show. Crackdown on education/punish elders if family member goes to school is leaked. Assemblies reduced to 1 day. New songbook to replace back cover penis pic. Street carts. "Happy" video.

    2015: Conti settlement, leaks and leaks and more leaks! More property cuts. New songs constantly added via website only. Shift to release in eFormat rather than paper, KH funds & property takeover, skinny mags announced to go bi-monthly and TMS school axed. Immediate bethel & sp layoffs, royal commission, money begging on video, Lett pedo denial on video, Morris blames pedos on gays on video. "Return" brochure rallies families to snag faded relatives. Memorial partaking continues to soar as exiting climbs.

    Frustrating indeed! The Nightmare Phase will be interesting because I believe even the GB themselves won't be able to cope.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    I think possibly an investigation of their tax exempt status could be a real morphing point.

    ''We all must be ready to obey any instructions we may receive, whether or not they seem strategic from a human standpoint or not''.

    With that sentiment, should something happen to their tax exempt status, I could suspect ;

    ''Sell everything you have, give us all of your money, you no longer need your material possessions, the GT has begun''

  • Finkelstein

    An interesting observation is that the WTS and its operations is indeed shrinking as far as its printed publications but its real estate development is expanding as far as its redevelopment of properties toward the WTS and its associated corporations.

    Maybe the conceptual idea is that the less we proliferate bullshit the less chance of being acknowledged as bullshiting.

    Its Jah's loving guidance in operation.

  • tragical
    I have to agree with jookbeard. I think this is the year that everything changes. Thanks to JW broadcasting, the Tony Tight Pants fiasco, the whole annual meeting disaster, the overlapping generations bullshit, many are questioning this cult. Thanks to the internet the truth is coming out. Say goodbye to the 8 mil publishers.
  • freddo


    You forgot the "don't let deaf people wank" video.

    Oh, and we have the Jan 2016 WT study article with more "if you think you're anointed your nuts" stuff and the February 2016 WT "rat on your mate for smiling on facebook" study article.

  • nonjwspouse
    OMG Freddo, who can forget that PR nightmare deaf video! That had to be one of the most ridiculous things I have ever seen ( and unfortunately can't un-see now)
  • Terry

    The Latin "corpus" means literally, "body," as in the Governing "Body" or Watchtower "corpus" ration.

    All of which is to say this: This is a fictitious body, a mental construct, and an illusory representation (Watchtower Corporation.)

    The real psychiatric neurosis attached to the above is how the individuals connected to the fictional "body" actually treat the fiction as reality (something Ray Franz called "captives of a concept).

    By assuming into existence a concept of DIVINE CHANNEL (i.e. we really are guided by Jehovah) they feel quite free to make shit up and follow it. Bootstrapping their imagination into Divine guidance becomes quite serious neurotic behavior.

    Everything is justified.


    After 1975 there was no possible way to explain the false prophecy--no way at all.

    Blame was assigned to others (you read our words and believed them--it's your fault).

    A positive spin was placed on "eagerness" to see Jehovah's prophecy fulfilled.

    An eager false prophet is a false prophet none-the-less!

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    "Whatever I think is right has got to be right because I thought it." Sociopathic!


  • cofty
    February 2016 WT "rat on your mate for smiling on facebook" study article

    Ha! I missed that. Is there a thread?

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    I think it could be expected for the organisation to go pear-shaped.

    One significant factor must be the present GB are inheritors of a system and mindset which had been built on a timescale based on the 1914 generation. How can they be God's agents on Earth when they always get their predictions wrong? Even doomsday cults need some plausible evidence for their authority. The present incumbents cannot point to anything they have done which would demonstrate divine intervention.

    WT style religion is being replaced by a more modern approach which does not require an "organised" hierarchy. A private spirituality without a need for preaching satisfies many today.

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