ADAM AND EVE CREATED SAME YEAR says Jehovah's channel:

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  • garybuss

    So now, when the Watch Tower Society prints "The end is near!", do they print that with only human speculation? Or do they print that with Divine Direction?

    If they print it with human speculation, how are they different than other end time religious groups? And if they print it with Divine Direction, can the prediction be an error?

    Didn't the Society claim Divine Direction while blaming human speculation for past unfulfilled expectations? Or am I thinking of some other end time group?

  • ballistic

    Exactly Englishman, but the date Eve was created is not completely unknown. We know it obviously had to be before any of her children were born! Unfortunately we only have a date for the birth of Seth, but this is a start. We know that when that point is reached in 2105 there will have to be another COMPLETE re-write of Watchtower doctrine.

    I know this is some way off, but it is none-the-less a absolute fact and gives them the benefit of the doubt that the other children were not born decades earlier, soon after their parent's creation.

  • ballistic

    And it wouldn't be pure speculation to say that that time had to be much earlier because if we are to follow the bible chronologically, there had to have been time for Cain and Abel to become of an age whereby they could be classed as farmers and herders.

  • heyfea


    I don't know, but, does the bible really say that the one thousand year reign of Chris WILL or MUST begin precisely at the beginning of the "eight" day? Couldn't it begin at the middle of the eighth? Perhaps the nineth day? Since I was raised in the "truth", I assume that all the explanations given by the WTS were conclusions they came up with themselves. Has anyone seen support for what they've thaught us? I know I must do my own research but, in the meantime, does anyone know?


  • Botzwana

    So Adam has been alone 35 years naming frickin animals? BULLCRAP!

  • pirata
    So Adam has been alone 35 years naming frickin animals? BULLCRAP!

    Good thing he didn't know that 35 years of naming went down the drain when all the animal kind variants got wiped out in the flood.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Freddie Franz said the time period involving not just her creation, adaptation was impt but her menstrual cycle too. All the above is revitting when I read my Bible. Yes, siree, those Hebrew Scriptures authors were consumed by the time pd. between Adam and Eve. Eve's menstrual cycle, too. I wonder if she were unclean,even before the Fall.

    I was dragged against my will, what are other excuses? It is hard to keep a straight face.

    Dinosaurs on Noah's Ark? Right!

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