ADAM AND EVE CREATED SAME YEAR says Jehovah's channel:

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  • garybuss

    Masterji, You wrote:

    "The INSiGHT book makes the proper correction."

    Thanks for letting me know. Can you please point me to the quote and the page number? If you want, you could post it here for those who do not have access to the books.

    I wasn't even aware the Publishing Corporation even acknowledged the Eve text as a mistake, let alone printed a correction.

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  • rebel

    I would dearly love to take this point up with an elder in my almost-ex congregation. But I don't think I will - he hates me enough already and he thinks I'm a trouble-making she-devil!.

    This is really interesting though. I never knew Adam & Eve were born the same year. I thought Adam was on his todd for ages, just naming animals and watching the sun rise and set. But then, I was never much of a Bible student - I just half-listened to the same old speakers prattling away on the platform week in, week out. I used to really listen and pay attention to everything, but the past few years I grew pretty tired of the same old thing mingled with the same old hypocrisy. Then I eventually started to use my brain and got myself in heaps of trouble..... sorry....I'm rambling now.


  • Masterji


    "At the birth of her first son Cain,outside paradise, Eve exclaimed :"I have acquired a man with the aid of Jehovah ."(Gen .4 :1)Interestingly,Eve is the first one reported using God's name,indicating that the name Jehovah was known to the very first humans. Later she gave birth to Abel as well at to other sons and daughters .At the age of 130 another son was born to her .Eve called his name Seth,saying :"God has appointed another seed in place of Abel,because Cain killed him . (Aid To Bible Understanding,TWB&TS p.538)

    At the birth of her first son Cain, outside Paradise, Eve exclaimed: "I have produced a man with the aid of Jehovah." (Ge 4:1) Eve is the first one reported to have used God’s name, indicating that the name Jehovah was known to the very first humans. Later she gave birth to Abel as well as to other sons and daughters. When Adam was 130 years old, Eve gave birth to a son whom she called Seth, saying: "God has appointed another seed in place of Abel, because Cain killed him." (INSIGHT, Page 772)


  • garybuss

    Thanks Masterji,

    I have seen that text. I guess I had seen it as a revision without any explanation of the reason. Do you have more information relevant to this revision? What was the date of the printing of the revision? How long did they let the error continue to be taught after they were aware it was error?


  • ballistic

    Masterji, thanks for that, I would like an answer to the question I raised above though, which is slighly unrelated.

  • garybuss

    ballistic, Look at the links Randy Watters posted in this thread. Your answer is there in scanned format.

    The Society has made a business out of the numerology of end time predictions. Their goal is always to see the apocalypse occur in the lifetime of the current leader of the group.

    The Watch Tower Corporation is the master of double talk but the end time prediction quotes in print are pretty straight forward.

    Or maybe I didn't understand your question. Can you ask it different? Thanks, gary

  • ballistic

    Yeah you got it thanks,

    But my real question is "HOW CAN NO-ONE KNOW THE DAY OR THE HOUR" if it can be worked out BY ANY MEANS WHAT-SO-EVER?

  • garybuss

    ballistic, When I asked a Witness that question, they said: "The Bible said no one could know the day or hour but it did not say no one could know the month or the year.". I have never seen that idea in print but it may well be.

    I hope others will comment on this application.

  • artful

    Gary: There is a very strong allusion made to this idea in last weeks WT study (January 1, 2003 p18). After quoting Jesus words at Luke 12:40 "At an hour that you do not think likely the Son of man is coming." they go on to state: "We can derive another lesson from Jesus' illustration. Although the slaves did not know the hour when their master would arrive, apparently, they knew the night. It would be difficult to deep awake all that night if they thought that their master might come some other night. But no, they knew which night he was coming, and that gave them strong incentive to stay awake. In a rather similar way, Bible prophecies clearly reveal that we are living in the time of the end; but they do not tell us the day or the hour of the end itself."

    Cheers Artful

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