What Is Your Opinion Of Melania Trump?

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  • Finkelstein

    Sometimes this forum gets a little too serious.

  • minimus

    Cowardly response when you got called out but we still like ya.

  • OnTheWayOut

    She speaks simple and straightforward. I don't think she is dumb, but as far as 'most attractive ever,' I have to go with Abigail Adams who never had cosmetic surgery of any kind.

  • scary21

    I have to agree with the girl next door. I think she's lovely and smart.

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    If we are talking about “most attractive ever”, hands down Jacqueline Lee Kennedy.

  • jp1692
  • LV101

    Melania has the best physical form re/clothes - looks good in anything. She's a class act and I think Trump is very enamored with her - considering he's a powerful, billionaire, which equals having access to females 24/7 -- power the No 1 aphrodisiac which means lots of money. I thought Jacqueline Kennedy was attractive, also.

    Hillary and Bill make great political money together and realized they weren't going to get rich quick as lawyers -- the gold was in politics for them. I don't think he's much to look at -- no more attractive than she. She's had help in the cosmetic surgery dept -- he probably has, too.

  • stillin

    JP beat me to this picture. Can anybody make something good out of her jacket? Especially in the context where she wore it?

  • Wild_Thing

    I agree with Fink. As soon as Trump is out of office (and possibly in prison), she is dumping his ass.

    And I have to disagree with those that think she is attractive. She looks so made up; she almost doesn't even look real.

    But looks are not everything. The substance of a person is what counts, and it appears she has very little. I use to give her the benefit of the doubt and trust that she is probably a good person put in a very bad situation, but the more she talks, the more I change my mind.

    Maybe she will make herself more public and I will change my mind again, but right now, she appears to be an ego-maniac like her husband, claiming she is one of the most bullied person on Earth. Dramatic, much?

    I know a lot of you on this thread are right leaning Trump fans, so before you start hurling insults, just remember ...

    Melania wants you to "Be Best"!

  • silentbuddha

    I don't find her attractive but I fund her intelligent and pleasant

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