How I Help The Society Fake Its Statistics

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  • Rihannsu

    Whats sad is that they force us to do this. I do not put service time in anymore, I say to myself why should I , they shun me! Even when I did put service time in they shunned me. Also who am I supposed to fear anyway? Jehovah God or a couple of gossipy people? God knows what you feel, whats in your heart. So dont be concern about what these idiots think of you or me. They are just people that our very self-righteous. Which is bad in Gods eyes. Be true to yourself, you know when your making God happy or sad. When it comes down to it He is the only one is going to judge us, so what should we care what a person thinks. Yes its hard when you are in this CULT, but there has to be a time in our life that we say ENOUGH!!! I CANT LIVE LIKE THIS! Care about yourself, love yourself, and worship God in happiness. Ask yourself this question, AM I NOT WORTH MORE?

    If we hang around people that shun us, make us feel unworthy, why should we be around them? There is a life out there my friends and we need to get ahold of it before we allow happieness slip through our fingers. Maybe God is trying to tell us something, we need to listen to HIM.

  • Noumenon

    I never faked my hours, cause I think it's wimpy, hypocritical and basically lying. If I'm not gonna be a proper dub then I can still hold my head up and not be a liar. Why bother faking..that's cringing before men...get real.


    Looking back I shake my head . . . thinking . . .

    Why did I go in fake service when I coulda stayed home for real sex?


  • Gamaliel

    I didn't actually fake my time, because at first a lot of it was too easy out in rural Missouri where 2 of us at a time could easily strike up a one hour conversation at a house, whiel 3 or 4 waited in the car for their turn to do that to us for the next hour. Later, all my hours were made up on a "Bible Study route" on the university campus. Bible Studies were so easy to get that we could have as many as I wanted. Some thought Bible Studies were more work than regular service, but I thought they were just way too easy. After a while, I think I could conduct the entire blue "Truth" book in my sleep. Maybe I did, and didn't remember.

    But then again, I lived at home, and my part time work at a restaurant, doubled as free meals. (I also donated almost all literature proceeds directly back to myself. Why go through a the organizational "middle man"?)


  • gumby

    Here are several links that will provide answers to questions you have.


  • greven
    How could you count time eating ,driving, then go only to 2 houses for the whole time, then say I put in 6 or 8 hrs going door to door today

    That's because most of go out to make hours, not disciples.

    Strange how your spirituality is measured by how long you do something...If one makes one hour but 10 possible converts and is compared to one making 10 hours but none converts the one making more hours is regarded 'mature'! This is a clear example how they twist the true meaning of 'spreading the news', making the time spent spreading more important than the results.

    I always wondered why we would not adopt more efficient ways of spreading the news: internet, TV, radio. The answar is simple: it would not look to nice in the stats.

    Once again they are shooting themselves in the foot!


  • Trotafox

    Well, I was very honest about my field service. But the fact of the matter was that when the Study conductor called for service and I didn't have any, the Elder was the one who fudged my numbers by saying "Well, I'm just going to add an hour." I protested but he insisted. Obviously, he didn't mind lying. And this was a very faithful and zealous Elder! Amazing what they will do to keep their numbers up and make a good impression. The CO comes around and all of a sudden everyone's concerned about the numbers so they can make a good impression. What hypocrites!


  • worf


    Good post. My ex-wife who was and still is a pioneer, faked field service time all the time. Most of her "time" was spent writing letters at home in front of the TV. And I'm talking about hours and hours from morning to noon to evening. What a fake ministry. I used to just sheake my head at her.


  • joe_from_kokomo

    For more on this same topic, see this thread, "How to succeed in Field Service w/o really trying...:

    ...and now I know why the rural territories are always checked out, and no one wants to do door-to-door work.

    Hey, after all, we call it 'work'. Hmmm...

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