How I Help The Society Fake Its Statistics

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  • Buster

    That was a good one. I find the stories of still actives to be among the most interesting stories here. I think you could easily defend the time you spend here as field service hours. At least you can come here with sincerity.

    Perhaps we all should consider getting ahold of field service report forms and filling them out for the time we spend here - and send it in. What fun.

  • wannaexit

    Metatron, I fake as well, and I don't even feel guilty about it. At the end of the month i round out a nice figure from the top of my head. They get what they want . When I think how I slaved for years and years killing myself trying to get 90 hours!!! Service is a breeze for me. I know many others that fake as well

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    Do you realise you haven't just lied to men, but to the hawly spiret !

  • RR

    Perhaps we should start another topic, but just for the fun of it, how many actually submitted the donations received in service, or did we pocket them?


  • xray

    I'm tempted to join up and then submit fake data, just to experience the satisfaction of stuffing up their numbers by "placing" tens of thousands of WT's in the city dump. Could even make some money out of it by starting up a paper recycling business. There's definitely some entrepreneurial opportunities here.

  • expatbrit

    how many actually submitted the donations received in service, or did we pocket them?

    Certainly not! The donations were for the Worldwide Work (TM). The fact that I considered my mid-morning coffee and donuts an essential part of the Worldwide Woek (TM) is entirely irrelevant, and a completely rational assumption to make, I might add.


  • Maverick

    Dear Metatron; I never just made up time, but I never agreed with their( GB ) strict interpretation of what is acceptable service to God. Time with the son of a young widow (she was in the other room) or reading or writing letters for elderly sisters in a nursing home and any other "christian acts" were counted. I loved the shepherding work and always counted that. I thought that was more important that the door to door work. Even calling ones who were missing from the meetings or calling ones who gave a good part in the school or service meeting was counted. And I can't count the number of times the "friends" told me I was the only person to ever call them to tell them they did a good job on a meeting part! And some of these were oldtimers. I always called those missing from my book study. Even when I was no longer the book study conductor I would write down the names of my book study members who were not there and I called them after the meetings. And I called my book study conductor over 30 times when he was not at some meeting. And not to "check up' on him or any of them but to tell them they were missed and that I was thinking of them. When I finally started to "see" and stopped going my book study conductor called me just once. And he was the only one who did. He came right out and told me he would not ask what was up with me. But I digress. I now see counting "time" is a joke. But even before I did I guess I thought the Governing Body was!

  • Pistoff

    true true true

    for the last few years, they get 2 hrs, each month.

    I figure some time here, and some time complaining about my collapsed belief system to my compadres in 12 step.

    btw, that is a great place to discuss the difference between religion and spirituality.


  • archangel01

    Yeah, How could you count time eating ,driving, then go only to 2 houses for the whole time, then say I put in 6 or 8 hrs going door to door today. Its totally fake and a sham.

  • anti-absolutism

    Wow, I never realized that so many of you guys were such big HYPOCRITES!!!!!!!!!!

    Kidding!!!!! I just thought that I was a little more dishonest than others I guess!! I pride myself on being a very honest person, and yet I never really felt any harm in 'fibbing' on my totals as well.

    It must be a built-in thing in the open-minded people of the world: deep down we must have realized we were only cheating ourselves out of our own spirituality, and therefore, since such a travesty was already taking place, any other slight misrepresentation was negligeable. nah, we're all still BLASPHEMERS... lol..... kidding again... cheers


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