Would You Like To See Your Police Departments “Defunded”?

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  • minimus

    They want nyc police defunded too. Can you imagine walking the streets in that city without police? I think of 9/11 and afterwards. All you saw was a police presence and it made you feel safer than the alternative.

  • silentbuddha

    Now that Minneapolis police will be defended we might as well call it little Somalia. Its over

  • phoenixrising

    This has to be the single most stupid idiotic Fed up idea the leftist assholes have ever thought up. This whole BS Black lies murder BS and ANTIFA crap is going to back fire in a big way. Back in the late 70s and 80s the left destroyed NYC. Time square was nothing but drug dealers pimps and hookers and peep shows. High crime. The liberal idiots saw that they could not even stand it and voted in law and order people who cleaned it up than the idiots go back to doing the same crap.

    Now people are flooding out of Kalifornia, Assachoosets and NYC, Baltimore and the like. Leaving it to the idiots and criminals. I know a few people in Kalifornia who are moving out and closing down business because of the idiots in charge letting the homeless run the streets, criminals steal under 800 or 1000 dollars and its not a crime and letting the Black lies Murder and ANTIFA run wild and letting them destroy. People who are not idiots have had enough of this stupid crap.

  • TD

    Definitely no.

    Departments that feel the need to buy a real military tank should probably spend their money more wisely though.

  • millie210

    I am all for smaller government and I guess that would include smaller police forces.

    Having grown up kept largely ignorant of most social issues as a JW, I am not really qualified to address deep reform.

    Having said that, I see a lot of things that seem like they should be decriminalized (such as prostitution as an example) freeing law enforcement for serious matters that affect life and safety.

    A smaller force would by definition be a more accountable force.

  • phoenixrising

    This is and has been part of the leftist idiots goal for a long time. Obama admitted that he wanted to "fundamentally remake America" To remake something one has to tear down that existing something. One can not remake a house without demolition. This was one of the few truths Obama told the public. I guess he felt it was cryptic enough that the useful idiots would not know what he was talking about. Tear it down and remake it. But into what? They have told us plain and simple they want a communist/socialist world. One in which what they say goes. Ban cars, ban oil, ban guns, ban free speech unless its in lock step with the ideas of those in power, ban industry, ban what ever it is that does not fit into the leftists idiots current ideology. Ban any Church that does not allow gay women and tranny preachers. Ban parents from complaining that some man who is a perv and IDs as a woman can take a wizz with your 9 yo daughter and the list goes on and on. Most of the leftist idiots have no idea that their perceived utopia is nothing but a living hell on earth. Most of the protesters are rejects and failed college students who can not pass Russian lesbian lit.

  • truth_b_known

    As a law enforcement veteran of over 20 years my short answer is - yes. Here is my long answer -

    Any given day in the U.S. hundreds of 911 calls come into communications centers like this:

    "911. State the nature of your emergency."

    "My adult son hasn't taken his psyche meds in 3 days. He's locked himself in his bedroom and is punching holes into the walls. Please send help."

    "Stay on the phone with me, ma'am. Police are on the way."

    Dispatchers in the U.S. can respond to most 911 calls only 3 ways - 1) send the police, 2) send fire/ems, or 3) send both. Fire always stages from a distance until "the scene is safe" (i.e. zero chance of violence). So, 1 or 2 officers go into this lady's house, try to use their 8 hours of training (videos and death by powerpoint) to talk the 26 year old mentally ill man who is off his meds out of his room so they can hand him over to EMS for transport to a mental hospital. Only the mentally ill man comes out and tries to fight the police, tries to stab one of the officers with a 12 inch long screwdriver, and ends up getting shot. So this poor woman calls for help and instead she gets to witness her son killed in a hail of bullets in her own house. If she and her son are a minority ethnic group and the police are not, queue the protests and prep for riots.

    Another common call:

    "911. State the nature of your emergency."

    "My 13 year old son is refusing to go to school. Please send the police."

    Sounds ridiculous. Literally happens every day in my city. Just like any call, once you call the police the police are coming.

    That is one of the prevailing issues. The police are law enforcement. Our job is to detect or investigate crimes and, if there is probable cause, make an arrest to start the due process of our criminal justice process.

    The police are not mental health workers. The police are not social workers. The police are not civil litigation mediators. If you pay a guy to build you a new privacy fence and he only builds half of it and leaves it is not a crime. He failed to fulfill a contract. Hire an attorney and file a lawsuit.

    So, by all means, cut police department budgets, but do so to fund other services. It has been stated that the 85/15 principle applies to the modern policing problem. 85 percent of that problem lies at the feet of the 15 percent - management. We don't need police reform. We need policing reform. Police Officers are rarely the problem. Policing policies made by police chiefs and elected officials are.

    I long for the day when that poor lady calls 911 and the dispatcher says, "Emergency Mental Health Services are en route to help ma'am," and the police are the ones who stage at a distance just in case. I pray for the day when police chiefs adopt a policy that says, "If there is no chance of a crime involved we are not responding."

  • millie210

    what he said ^^^^

    Eloquently put truth_b_known

  • RubaDub

    Like in all another first-world countries in the world

    coalize ...

    You are making a major assumption there, that we are "first-world."

    Allowing any idiot to buy (or steal) a gun while not providing basic health care puts the term "first-world" into question.

    Just having a lot of money is not the issue. Look at some reruns of the Beverly Hillbillies TV show. They also had a lot of money.

  • phoenixrising

    Sorry Truth b known that is BS. You don't call mental health services for a 911 call EVER. Someone who is that unstable does not need some shrink at that point they need to be subdued and put in a mental facility or jail and then they can see some head shrink. This is like when the leftist idiots say if you can get to a gun you can get to a phone. Well WTF happens when 45 min. later the cops maybe show up after your Domino's pizza you ordered after the 911 call? BS. I don't believe in glad handing people out of control. You have a knife and a cop feels threatened bag the bastard. When you glad hand criminals they don't learn anything but they can get away with it. That is all these assholes learn. They are much like children who have stupid parents who let them have temper tantrums. The kids grow up to be entitled assholes who march with ANTIFA and black lies murder.

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