Would You Like To See Your Police Departments “Defunded”?

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  • Simon
    "My adult son hasn't taken his psyche meds in 3 days. He's locked himself in his bedroom and is punching holes into the walls. Please send help."

    Way too many kids are on drugs. The medical profession doesn't deserve the respect it is given for the harm it does.

  • coalize

    Rubadub, you have a point!

    As I'm not american but french, it's not at me to decide if USA are first-world country or not! I like to think they are, even if I find americans are getting freedom and individualism too often mixed up!

  • LV101


  • Simon

    The trouble with American is that it isn't really one single country. It's big and diverse. It's like the EU, not all those countries are equal and then not all the cities in each of those countries are doing as well as others.

  • phoenixrising

    Diversity is not something that is good. It does not make a country stronger. In fact its the opposite. Look at Japan, China Russia and Poland. They work hard to keep their country homogenized. And its working for them. France has never been a country that has stood up for itself. As Patton said I would rather have a German division in front of me than a French one behind me. No France along with England and Germany have opened the doors to radical Islam and its showing its fruits. I would not live in those countries if you paid me. I don't know if we can save the United States from the leftist idiots but Western Europe is gone. Dead man walking.

  • just fine
    just fine

    No - just no. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere that defunds their police force.

  • redvip2000
    As a law enforcement veteran of over 20 years my short answer is - yes. Here is my long answer -
    So, by all means, cut police department budgets, but do so to fund other services. I

    Ok but the sequence of events is not really by starting to defund police. If you want to say we should invest in other services that are best suited to handle social problems, then great. There is enough money to do that if we stop misusing it.

    However, even if at some point some calls for service are answered by other responders, it doesn't mean that the police now have nothing to do. In many depts the volume of calls is so great that low priority calls can take hours to get a response, and the same goes for trying to get the police to investigate anything that is not a serious crime.

    IMO, invest in other services first and re-evaluate after some time, how resources match demand.

  • JW_Researcher

    Today's "The New Paper" email had this:

    Extra: The cities of Camden, NJ and Compton, CA disbanded their police forces in 2012 and 2000, respectively, instead opting for county-wide police departments.

    Interesting background, although not extensive.

    IMO, local is probably better but perhaps a "regional" approach would dilute individual pockets of 'troublesome' police attitudes?

    There certainly is room for improvement but ... we also have to accept that some cops are idiots (like some teachers, some elders, some parents, etc.) and always will be. Training, psychological evaluations, etc. won't eliminate them all.

    It's a tough job under the best of circumstances. It is surprising that cops stay so professional 99% of the time.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Replace police with community safety patrols...what could go wrong with vigilantes?

    Want a really safe neighborhood? Let some sicilians run it.

  • bsmart

    So what happens and every building has a security person or department. Then they wonder why the rent doubled and insurance is impossible to pay.

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