Would You Like To See Your Police Departments “Defunded”?

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  • LongHairGal


    That is the most correct description I have heard about the USA in a long time! It’s a very big place and like many countries all tied together.

    Too bad many people don’t realize this.

  • coalize

    phoenixrising :

    Look at Japan, China Russia and Poland. They work hard to keep their country homogenized

    "Homogenized" means in fact : Chase the blacks, the homosexual, the muslims and everyone who is more or less "different"! And saying "And its working for them" is far to have been fact-checked!

    France is not a perfect country! And by the way the cliche of coward for the french is just a cliche shared by ignorant people about history!

  • DesirousOfChange

    Not "defunded".


    There needs to be accountability.

    Nancy Pelosi just introduced a Police Reform Bill. (I'll give her credit for doing something right here, before I've actually read it in its entirety.) This is a shrewd move by the Democrats that caught the GOP sitting on their hands.

    It should require BODY CAMERAS and have severe penalties if the cameras are off during a confrontation.

    For the 2nd (or at least 3rd) serious offense, there should be banning from ever serving again in Law Enforcement.

  • Quetzal
    Diversity is not something that is good. It does not make a country stronger. In fact its the opposite. Look at Japan, China Russia and Poland. They work hard to keep their country homogenized. And its working for them.

    You obviously do not understand the subject matter. Most European countries as we know them today are formed by multiple tribes coming together( war and carnage). Scots, Welsh, English, Cornish,etc The same goes for France and Germany.

    You mentioned Japan, China and Russia and Poland.

    Do you know why there is a China town in most major western cities? If their system was that great, why didn't everyone stay in China? A lot of wealthy Chinese are investing their money in the US and Canada, why?

    Poland, do you know how many polish people work in France, UK and they Netherlands? If Poland was that wonderful, they should all have stayed home.

    Japan : Japanese Brazilians are the largest ethnic Japanese community outside Japan (numbering about 1.5 million, compared to about 1.2 million in the United States). They should all have stayed in Japan if the country is that great.

    Russia : You know that there are over 40 ethnic groups in Russia and the largest are the Russians. That is why there are always conflicts with other ethnic groups like the Chechens. Homogenized and it's working for them?

    if you actually believe that "Diversity is not something that is good" then, all White People should leave America and go back to where ever their ancestors came from. You will only have Native Americans and Mexicans left.

    Diversity has its issues but looking at the situation from a narrow point of view doesn't help your narrative.

  • Biahi

    If they defund and disband the police, we will all need to carry a weapon to protect ourselves. Probably not a great idea.

  • minimus

    Diversity is good in my opinion. We learn from other cultures. The USA is a melting pot of diversity. That’s not a bad thing. What is bad is when a country gets bad people that inhabit it. Then things go downhill.

  • Simon
    So what happens and every building has a security person or department.

    Yeah, and what happens when one of those security people does something 'wrong'? Maybe you pay your own bigger security force to go beat them up or shoot at them. This can only end well.

    No one has thought any of this out. The left's approach is instantly "more government departments and committees" which always help right? (not). We don't need to scrap a system that fundamentally works. Why not just have an automatic investigation for deaths-in-custody situations?

  • Anna Marina
  • Simon

    Sheriff David Clarke is legend. Don Lemon is a racist hack that just wants to propagandize.

    BTW: Anyone who wants no-police and local security but also complains that the shooting of Ahmad Aubrey was unfair need to figure out some things.

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Oh for crying out loud. They are not talking about getting rid of the police. Most realize the police are over burden with dealing with the homeless, mental illness and drug addiction. Instead of arming the police even more why not use that money to go to agencies that will take care of these problem. Jails should not be used for mentally ill like they do now. Why are people given jail time for drugs? That's what they are talking about not getting rid of the police. But helping these people by other agencies instead of burdening the police with it. You so called right thinking is getting in the way of logic. No one wants to get rid of the police if you think they do I got some swamp land for sale. Still Totally ADD

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