Would You Like To See Your Police Departments “Defunded”?

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  • Quetzal

    @Still Totally ADD

    Most realize the police are over burden with dealing with the homeless, mental illness and drug addiction. Instead of arming the police even more why not use that money to go to agencies that will take care of these problem

    That is the whole point of de-funding the police by moving some of their current tasks to other agencies but it appears that message got lost in the chaos

  • FedUpJW

    As a patriotic American citizen who practices concealed carry, I would like to see the results of defunded police. If the police either cannot or will not enforce the law of the land it falls upon the shoulders of true patriots to do so, up to and including using lethal force.

  • phoenixrising

    First the liberal retards tell us they want to take our guns and that we can rely on the police. Then they tell us that they want to defund the police. And then the idea you need the police is white privilege and what ever happens to you you deserve because of your skin color. The left is so retarded that anyone who follows this crap should be lobotomized.

  • phoenixrising

    The real sad thing to see is as the world falls apart because of liberal idiots they are watching it burn down and laughing at the wheel. This is why they are not fit to run a lemon aid stand.

  • redvip2000
    That is the whole point of de-funding the police by moving some of their current tasks to other agencies but it appears that message got lost in the chaos

    Again that is NOT the agenda. If the need is to invest in other responders to take care of some of the calls, there is no need to defund any police dept. Police departments would welcome others to take over some of the calls, so they can concentrate on other things like quality of life crimes and better traffic enforcement.

    But notice, the actual intention is to diminish the police, because that is what anti establishment organizations want.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    I've not investigated what kind of money they are getting so its hard to comment. The uneducated knee jerk reaction would be hell no. But, I don't think Tanks are a necessary expenditure. They may need help knowing where to spend the money they are already getting. I'm in a small town so if they cut much more they'll all be paroling on scooters!

  • frozen2018

    I live just a couple of hours from the Twin Cities and have spent lots of time down there. It really is (was) a nice part of the state. What I don't quite get is the fact that the Twin Cities have pretty much been run by lefties for the last 50-60 years. Those lefties built the Minneapolis Police Department. Whatever "evil" MPD is didn't happen overnight, it took years, no, decades to evolve. And now the politicians down there are SHOCKED! SHOCKED!! at the idea that their police department is filled with, apparently, homicidal maniacs. I don't have a problem with reforming any police department. I do find it troubling that the very same group that created the alleged problem Department now claim to have the solutions to fix it. I'm starting to think that the whole defund the police movement is just a means to some sort of end.

    Quick side note to folks who don't think police departments should spend money on military type equipment. The PD doesn't spend money on the gear, the Department of Defense gives it away through the 1033 Program. A neighboring town got themselves a surplus MRAP for their war on drugs (drug enforcement is a plus in the 1033 Program). The thing is so big and clumsy it is rarely taken out of the garage. On top of that, it weighs so much that when it is used it damages the roads! But it was free.

  • redvip2000
    And then the idea you need the police is white privilege

    I've heard that nonsense as well. Seems that it's the latest insanity from the extreme left. They have basically become a cult. Now I've said as well that this happen on the right, but the extreme left has now lost it completely.

    What's interesting about this is basically what Jordan Peterson says -- basically that we can quickly identify what is means to be on the extreme right. But somehow nobody can really tell what is the extreme left because they keep getting validated, under penalty of being called nazi.

    Trump must be licking his chops right now. He knows moderates who were bound to snub him in the election are seeking refuge from the insanity in his base. Trump was almost ready to throw in the towel with the virus devastation, but now all of a sudden he is back in the game.

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Calling the left a cult is like the pot calling the kettle black. I love how some always resort to name calling like little children. Have you ever thought if you treat everyone with respect on their viewpoints they just might listen to your ideas. We have a leader in the White House who has lead this country by dividing instead of bringing everyone together.

    Their would have been no U.S. if it wasn't for liberalism. Our forefathers at the risk of their lives had this crazy idea to break away from Britain. The conservative thinking ones wanted to stay as loyal British subjects. Would you called our forefathers liberal tards? Both sides have good ideas and need to be listen to. But name calling like little children holds no water. We all left a cult and to believe what we want to is a great freedom. But tearing down bridges among us is not the answer. Let the debate continue but if we settle for only one lane of thought the debate will be over and then we are in real trouble. Still Totally ADD

  • phoenixrising

    ADD your revisionism of history is exactly what the leftiest retards are pushing and you gulp it down without thinking. The left is not one cult but many. Global warming cult, BLM cult, ANTIFA cult and they are all terrorists. If anyone needs to learn to respect all view points it is the idiot left. I will show you facts, The New York Times a far left wing propaganda rag fired one of its editors for printing an OPED by Tom Cotton that just said that the Military should be used to stop rioting and looting if the police can not. And the snowflake idiots cried and whined like the children they are and so again the spineless asshats caved in and fired the editor and all the while the paper has a small printing that the share all view points.

    You are making shit out of whole cloth. Liberalism created the US. That is such a load of crap and revisionism. Your side calls our FF racist, white privileged and tear down their statures and monuments. So stop trying to piss in our ear and tell us its raining. We know your type of lies.

    At most college campuses many comedians can not go, they protest when people like Ben Shapiro and others who have a conservative point of view try to go speak because the snowflakes can not stand to hear ideas the contradict their brain washing. Then they riot and burn down when things are not given them like little children having a temper tantrum and the liberal idiots in charge let them smash and riot like bad parents who follow Dr. Spock. These children need a good old ass whooping.

    You spew out "bring people together" like most liberals who yell can't we all get along. Well I don't see conservatives rioting and looting. Their marches are peaceful and never end up burning down cities. And then people wonder why no one wants to live in or near black communities. And why people move out of cites as they are now from NYC, LA, Baltimore, Detroit ect. When you let the animals take over the zoo no one wants to go anymore. Then the idiots in charge want more money form the federal gov. to throw at the very problems they created.

    No we can not all sit by a fire and sing kumbya and eat kale and think of living in a grass hut as we get rid of our car and buy a bike. That is a liberal retarded fantasy. The bridges were burned and looted by the leftist terrorists. So clean up your own back yard of all the tons of shit then point a finger at the grass that is an inch too long in our yard.

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