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  • Vidiot

    questioningmyfaith - "I just want to mention too that my lack of disdain towards the WT will never change."

    Like I said, stick around.

  • Tenacious

    @ questioningmyfaith - Thanks for having the courage to speak your mind on this forum. It allows me and the members to get an insight on what other JW's are feeling. Congratulations on seeing the truth about many false or corrupted teachings in the organization. If brothers truly adhered to Scripture, there would be so many more people questioning the GB.

    Now, to answer your question or at least add my thoughts:

    If you go back to just say the 1950s in this country, and the world in general, you'll notice that people were more cognizant of their fellow humans. So what happened? The morality and depravity of humans started to reveal itself. How? Why? The Bible is clear when it says "you will hear of wars, but do not be frightened, for the end is until the appointed time." The Christ knew people would go through ALL of this in the future and many would start to question our existence because of it. Think about how Job felt when he preferred death to continuing to suffer. The Bible also spoke of the majority of people growing cold with each other because of these happenings.

    I will however, give you a bit of advice. Let no one deceive you, like the Apostle Paul said "into believing the day of Jehovah is here." The GB is excellent at doing this and instead of trying to convert people with love, they use fear. A tactic that is sure to yield results as the over 8 million members will attest to (the majority lacking critical thinking skills). The end will come but not by anything or anyone belonging to the WTS. They will continue throwing darts to see if any of them will hit the bulls-eye.

    Don't lose your hope in Jehovah God and the Christ. They exist and the proof is all around us such as our regenerative Eco-system. The diverse animal life which many scientist still failing to even replicate some basic animal characteristics. The perfect position of the moon and sun, and our incredible, incredible bodies that have hundreds of automatic sequences and operations.

  • KateWild

    Welcome to the board Qmf,

    Looks like you have left now. I don't think JWs are bad people but I do think the leadership has a lot to answer for.

    There are many elders who don't belive in God and carry on their duties in WT. I believe that JWs like this have no integrity. They make decisions about people's lives claiming they have guidance by holy spirit but they are atheist/ agnostic. I abhor this kind of behaviour.

    Hope you find some answers and retain your integrity.

    Kate xx

  • SAHS
    It appears that there are certainly a lot of JWS who are born in, wake up, but are still stuck in, just going through the motions to appease family and friends because they know that their family and friends would be lost to them if they ever dared to be true to themselves and venture to leave the WT regime. That kind of blackmail is evil, and it sucks, but unfortunately it works, and the WT knows they can get away with it. (Well, so far, anyway.)
  • honest

    So questioningmyfaith you don't care about the thousands of deaths caused by the erroneous blood ban policy, organ transplants ban till 80's or immunisation ban till the 50s?or the amount of suicides that comes from shunning? Or the Malawi situation which if handled better would of most certainly saved lives. Or what about child abuse victims who feel the organisation has not done its job in protecting them and silencing the victims and then penalising the victims if they leave the organisation by demanding their families shunn them?

    I was born into this cult and baptised as a child, found out its a bunch of lies, I want to officially leave to be free but will have my family ripped away from me because watchtower says so and you think watchtower and it's fantatical leaders are good people?

    Let's see how you feel if you were ever told that they want you to die by refusing a blood transfusion when you are a young adult and you have a serious blood cancer, yet if you choose life and get caught taking a blood transfusion it's a dissasociating offence and will loose your entire family and friends at a time you need them most.

    It's a dangerous cult and it needs to be either eradicated or changed to comply with human rights policies. No change, no tax exemptions and charity status should be given to them.

    Jim Jones and watchtower leaders are equally deluded and are both or were ( in Jim jones case) murderers, elitist nutcases.

  • naazira

    Let me begin by saying most jws are decent people, who are trying their best to live an honest life. Just like the rest of us.

    OK, so you came here because you are questioning your faith in God. But you also want to know how we got over certain indoctrinations of Jw's YET you do not care to hear about what you call anti witness info. Aren't you aware that you are technically asking us to share with you anti witness info?? Once you seek information outside of the organisation it is technically deemed "anti-witness info" .

    Some of that anti witness info is what broke the chains of indoctrination for many of us.

    How would you feel about being shunned if one day you are no longer a witness? Right now you seem ambivalent. Do you know the path you are going down? Or are you just looking to be a witness and pick and choose which doctrines you accept? (nothing wrong with that) Lastly, are you truly ready to wake up? Rejecting info is a sign that one is not ready to wake up, but want their ears tickled. Do you want a feel good message or do you want facts!

    If you want facts, stick around this site ! :-) You may be pained or offended to read and learn things about the organisation but keep an open mind and heart.

    Keep posting & commenting on the forums.

  • telemetry11

    Dear questioningmyfaith,

    RE your “perspective” :

    What evidence redirects your “path” toward “atheism / agnosticism” ?

  • FayeDunaway
    Qmf is not ready. I feel like he will be with some more time, but now he's feeling a very strong sense of loyalty to the org, despite his personal doubts in the existence of God. We sometimes forget how VERY strong is the orgs hold on people, and what a huge perceived betrayal of the org it is to say anything negative at all against them. I think he isn't commenting again possibly because he's feeling disloyal and guilt. Qmf, give yourself time.
  • questioningmyfaith
    I am sorry but y'all are just a little too bitter for me. I could see how this would be a great forum if I was looking for people that could validate my ill-feelings towards the WT. But I just don't care about that. Attacks on the GB are ad-hominem. I am not concerned with stories or examples of how they're horrible people. When it comes to personal experiences, I rarely believe them to be 100% true. And when people hold resentment and a empathetic audience its only natural for the stories to evolve to the worse case ever. But, if you have any answers to my questions about the world getting worse and mankind destroying it I would be happy to hear. Please just send me a PM. Thanks
  • Finkelstein

    I am not concerned with stories or examples of how they're horrible people.

    Horribly delusional. slightly corrupt and poorly theological educated perhaps, research (all) of the leaders of the WTS/JWS . The corruption came mostly out the fact that the WTS was a religious publishing house, that's a fact denied or not. As to the world getting worse it all depends what time in human history you compare today's world to and honestly take note of the increase in population .

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