Secret Sins

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  • WildHorses

    Okay, I gotta confess. Sometimes I get the can of whipped cream out of the refrigerator and if nobody is looking, I stick out my tongue and squirt the cream all over it. Robyn, that's nothing. Next time, take the tip, put it IN your mouth, close, then squirt it till it puffs your mouth out and make that blurrrrrp sound like I do. It's fun to see the kids reaction to that one. LMOA

  • WildHorses

    OK, who was the wise guy who stole the edit feature? I meant to type..........LMAO

  • LB

    Well I have plenty of sins. Some secret, some right out there for all the world to see. I have erotic dreams, a lot.

    Then there are times when I'm sexually aroused just posting in certain threads.

    Another thing is I have the most fun wearing rubber. Yes I have a rubber fetish. I will strip down to almost nothing, slip on a wetsuit and scuba gear and go down as far as I can manage.

    Phew, aroused already.

  • Robdar

    Next time, take the tip, put it IN your mouth, close, then squirt it till it puffs your mouth out and make that blurrrrrp sound like I do. It's fun to see the kids reaction to that one. LMOA

    LOL Wildhorses, I tried that once and freaked the dog out.

    Penance. hmmmm. A live demonstration at the upcoming TexFest may be a good start :) Just a thought.

    DFWnonJW, Maybe I can be talked into it. But what are you going to do to entertain me? [;)]


  • Vivamus

    I erm... I dance in the kitchen when no one is watching me.... :\

  • roybatty

    lol...I have one. I bought my son an x-box last year along with this cool, "shoot'em up" game. While he's at his mom's house, I have played and played and played this game. I was da man! Whenever we played against each other I'd kick his butt! But now that kid has gotton really good at the game and kicks my ass each time we play!!! My secret sin? IT REALLY PISSES ME OFF LOSSING TO HIM! LOL! But of course, I keep me cool and just smile :) And don't even get me started on my daughter and playing Candyland...

  • xjw_b12

    I erm... I watch Viv dance in the kitchen when she thinks no one is watching her.... :\

  • Xena

    hhhmmm Alan me think thou doth protest to much

    It was nice talking to you Tat...and uuummm very interesting sorry I am still laughing, bad me bad me...another sin added to my LONG list! I do luvs ya though

    dustrabbit (not to be confused with dustbunny) there is NO sin in eating a reeses peanutbutter is the food of the God's (or Emperors of which even with the adjusted posting limits I am still one)...HOWEVER you can fall into sin in the METHOD of eating your reeses.....if you wantonly chomp down on it instead of lovingly nibbling around the edges before sinking your teeth into it...well then that is a SIN! Respect man, give your Reeses RESPECT!

    lol Riz you are on my secret list of sins or at least on my list of people I would like to sin WITH

    OrbitingTheSun, you don't believe in the concept of sin????? OMG if you don't sin then how can you be forgiven? It's like never fighting with your spouse and not getting to have make up sex plus sinning just feels so goooood...nothng like the feeling of being BAD! So come on say it with me....I BELLLLIIIEEVVVEEE in SIN!

    waiting..I sit here in DISGUST! We call them YUCKIE Charms in MY house....and the worst part of them???? Those pastel colored marshmallow hardened CHARMS! Yikes go and say 10 "hail Simons" and come back and we will discuss further pentance on your part...(shuttering in horror)

    DFW don't worry I will ENSURE Robdar is amply punished!

    WildHorses I must concur with the whipping on the tongue...but the jury is still out on the burping...I suppose it depends on what you had for dinner....tuna fish could be the unforgivable sin...

    LB..becoming sexually aroused is any thread started by me is not considered a is considered a compliment..t/y

    Viv I need further input before I decided on whether or not this qualifies as a "secret sin" do have a webcam don't you??? Oh this is naked kitchen dancing, right...wellll that's what exjw_b12 TOLD me...I granted him forgiveness for his sin on the basis of this information

    Roybatty, ROFL....he beats ya huh???? uuummm I am not laughing AT you Roy...I am laughing WITH you...(snort)...really..

    I cannot edit this....and I refuse to read it I am sending it forth as is...trusting in my fellow posters to be kind.....

  • animal


    I have seen Xena on her cam..... the shame I feel.



  • joannadandy

    I own a Paula Abdoul tape

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