Secret Sins

by Xena 44 Replies latest social relationships

  • Marcos

    Serial Mouse Killer. (No, not the computer kind.)

    15 or so in 2 years. My weapon of choice - a plastic fly swatter.


  • bigboi

    I recently d'ld a Crowded House song.:(

  • Angharad

    I uuumm I have cheated at Monolopy before...*cough* just don't let me be's just to darn tempting..

    Well Xena, you havent met a monopoly cheat until you've met Simon. He once got caught sneaking an extra house out of the box to place on one of his squares, so he made out he was putting a sweet (candy) in his mouth and put the house in to hide it, unfortunately he swallowed the house [:D]

  • LyinEyes

    I get road rage alot. I don't like to get stuck behind someone out cruising looking at Walmart , wondering if they are going to go , going 10 miles an hour. .... errrrrrrrr.

    Xena I don't iron either, I do the same thing you do.

    I once went into the Walmart store with my fuzzy yellow houseshoes on...... I usually would never do anything like that ,,,,,, but I was in pain, the store was closing and I needed a heating pad!!!

  • BeautifulGarbage

    Before I met my husband, this guy I met was really putting the make on me. I thought he was kinda cute and he caught my interest. He gave me this major sob story about what a creep his soon to be ex wife was, blah, blah, blah. I bought it hook, line and sinker. We had one date. What a charmer. Really laid the flattery on.

    Anyway, to make a long story short, a few days later I decide to stop by his apartment. Who answers the door? His obviously very eminently due pregnant wife. I was completely stunned and speechless. I even recognized his shoes lying under the coffee table. So, I knew I had the right place. I asked if "Billy" lived here. She's says "yes, he is asleep" and wants to know what I want. I just look at her, shake my head, and leave.

    I'm in my car, completely incensed. Then, I remember what a friend told me what she did when the got pissed at an old boyfriend for cheating. She stuffed a small potato up the exhaust pipe of his car. This makes the car stall and finding the cause of the problem is extremely difficult. [:)] So, off the the store I go and pick up a little red potato. I worked very close to where I lived at the time, and I didn't see his car two days.

    I still get a chuckle when I think about it.


  • AlanF

    I have no secret sins.

    My sins are all in the open.


  • riz


    hey now, hey now... don't dream it's over :)

    you are so funny!

  • Ed

    I (taking breath for strength to post this) have been known to drink milk from the carton Wait... I'm confused.... are you suggesting that there is another way?

  • Robdar

    Okay, I gotta confess. Sometimes I get the can of whipped cream out of the refrigerator and if nobody is looking, I stick out my tongue and squirt the cream all over it. I do the same with the cheese wiz. Oh, and when I do this, I, I, well, I make yummy noises! There. I've said it.

    What is my penance? Can I have a spanky?

    I am so ashamed!



  • Mum

    Singing "The Ketchup Song" and being a bit judgmental about really stupid people who complain about their lot but refuse to do anything to change it.

    Looking for opportunities to sin in ways that are more enjoyable and gratifying,


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