Secret Sins

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  • Xena

    Come on we all have them....those little things about us we hide...come on fess start things off here are a few of mine:

    I don't iron...nope never...sold the iron and ironing it if doesn't go to the dry cleaners it goes in the dryer with a damp cloth and a prayer..

    I (taking breath for strength to post this) have been known to drink milk from the carton

    I uuumm I have cheated at Monolopy before...*cough* just don't let me be's just to darn tempting..

    I poke holes in the tops of assorted chocolates to see what is inside...and if they are creams I just leave them there....I refuse to feel guilty about that one though cause there is NOTHING worse then biting into a cream when you are expecting a carmel

    I post fluffy thread late at night when I am bored...wait that isn't a secret is it????

    Ok someone come on humor me.........

    Oh and I sneak back and edit my mistakes and hope that no one notices

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  • D8TA

    I stepped on a spider.

  • Xena

    See see that felt good didn't it Spider Killer uuumm I mean D8TA??? Get it all judgement here....

  • notperfectyet

    I tried to help many people in bad situations.

    Always got stabbed in the back, or worse,

    had it turned around on me as bad motives.

    My secret sin?..caring too much!

    Damn of these days I'll learn

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  • D8TA

    Okay...and afterwards, I rotated my shoe back and forth and yelled, "Take that you bastard!"

    I feel so...clean now.


    I'm a murderess . . . I killed a mouse once in cold blood. There it was russling around in my garbage can, innocent as can be. . . next thing he knew, he had a barbecue fork sticking out of him. . .

    I'm so ashamed.


  • Aztec

    Ummm I respond to fluff threads....hehe


  • whyhideit

    Sometimes when I am returning items to stores. I take the bubble wrap out first and pop all the bubbles.

  • Xena

    NPY's sin?

    My secret sin?..caring too much!
    Damn of these days I'll learn

    I hope not, that is one sin more of us need to cultivate

    <--smacking D8TA on the head...Hallelujah...You are HEALED...Can you FEEL the cleansing of a clean conscience Brother D8TA??? Go forth and sin no more.. (actually I just wanted to smack you on the head...uumm guess we can add that to my secret sin list????)

    uuummm Yikes Estee....a bbq fork...bit blood thirsty are we?? but hey no judgement here...just forgiveness...and could you just you know stay a few paces back and put down any sharp objects???

    Aztec..ahhh sweet Aztec of the red teddy...YOU are forgiven ALL and MORE

    whyhideit...uummm yes well I have popped a bit of bubble wrap myself...hell man it's like an can you NOT pop it? It just begs for it ...

  • Tatiana

    I send cards......hehe

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