Royal Commission National Redress Scheme. Average of $65,000 per victim, not including psychological fees and admin costs.

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  • carla

    I agree it won't finish them off but the negative publicity is priceless.

    When will this start hitting the US news?


    We can all do a bit to ensure that the report does "get out there" - Many did the same with the ARC hearings. I mailed it directly to the branch comm. members of the local Bethel - until after the 3rd or 4th mailing the replies started coming back from the main IT centre etc as 'unable to deliver' etc - But at least one or two were seen..

    You have friends, contacts, colleagues and also your local district "free to the door" newspaper. FB / Twitter etc etc

  • Saintbertholdt

    Hi _Morpheus,

    You know what the victims could do? Start a class action lawsuit using the $65 000 per victim as a legitimate guideline.


  • carla
    Yes, all the papers that did stories (usually in the religion section) about the convention coming to town should also be made aware of this.
  • rebel8

    I hope the victims get money and counseling.

    I hope the borganization is penalized in a way that punishes and reforms them.

    We can remember it as the day Caesar kept Jehovah's Organization clean(TM).

  • umbertoecho

    There will be a redress scheme. Australian will seize all WT assets owned by the society here in order to foot the bill. There may be some attempt to ship it all off to America or wherever they ship the money to.

    Don't doubt for one minute that there will be no money paid out to victims of sexual abuse by the WT here in Australia. I have not been off the mark so far and I feel I am definitely on the mark now.

    Not to argue with you, for that is not my aim. Civil litigation. A pool of funding, forced or whatever, will be taken from WT.

  • _Morpheus

    "Don't doubt for one minute that there will be no money paid "

    im going to assume, from the overall context of your post" that your saying i shouldnt assume the wt will get off without paying some sort of compensation.

    i believe they may, eventually, pay a very few people some compensation. It will not be all 1006 cases. It wont break the org.

  • Lemonp


    The Redress scheme also will lay out a framework for Civil Litigation:


    96. Government and non-government institutions that receive, or expect to receive, civil claims for institutional child sexual abuse should adopt guidelines for responding to claims for compensation concerning allegations of child sexual abuse.

    97. The guidelines should be designed to minimise potential re-traumatisation of claimants and to avoid unnecessarily adversarial responses to claims.

    98. The guidelines should include an obligation on the institution to provide assistance to claimants and their legal representatives in identifying the proper defendant to a claim if the proper defendant is not identified or is incorrectly identified.

    99. Government and non-government institutions should publish the guidelines they adopt or otherwise make them available to claimants and their legal representatives."

    All the evidence provided to the RC will be admissible during Civil litigation proceedings. In this regard the WT has to choose between costly lawsuits or a costly redress scheme.

    Rock and a hard place.

  • TheListener

    The organization is selfish and greedy so any money they pay out will hurt them emotionally which is great because that's how they hurt most of us.

    If it doesn't break them financially that's ok but the bad publicity is priceless even if its only local to Australia.

    I thought I read that the Australian government would be enacting legislation (the teeth) based on the findings of the ARC? Does anyone know if that's how it works?


    Keep in mind that for the WTBTS, this is about more than money. It's about saving face. The WTBTS wouldn't care if it was only $1 per victim, they would still fight the process. Why? They are arrogant.

    Their pride ( haughtiness ) is why they are in this mess in the first place. They are motivated by legalism and pride. Every single wicked, two-faced, family destroying, suicide causing, child scarring, hypocritical act can be traced directly back to legalism; the fruitage of unwarranted pride.

    Financial loss is simply adding insult to injury. Sure, they want to keep all the cash they can, but the real motive is save thier reputation by any means necessary.

    A humble, "spiritual" man, would immediately address this situation in a public manner, even "betraying" his fellow GB members, along with the corporation. After all, it's just a tool; one to be discarded when it no longer serves its purpose.

    He would beg forgiveness for everything that has happened on his watch, and for what came before. He would shed genuine tears for the children that have been forever scarred by sexual abuse, knowing that they will NEVER be truly healed. He would suffer any financial loss to try and make things right again.

    Is there a humble, spiritual man on the GB? If there is, you may come live with me and my family, if no one else will take you in. Don't worry though, if you do the right thing, you will not be left out in the cold. JWs are gullible, trusting, ignorant people for the most part, they would forgive you, even though you may not deserve it.

    Stop abusing them, stop lying to them, start showing them the respect they deserve as Christ's sheep; that is what you believe, is it not? Show some courage, blow the whistle. You KNOW it's the right thing to do, but will you do what is right?


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