Royal Commission National Redress Scheme. Average of $65,000 per victim, not including psychological fees and admin costs.

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  • Lemonp


    The Commission is the highest problem solving body in Australia. It's recommendations have been made after consulting many institutions. The recommendations it makes are very likely to be fulfilled.

    The costs of redress have been endorsed by many churches and state governments. Have a look at the report and you will see submissions from them all.

  • Finkelstein

    No No No don't take my money away, I was going to build a modern hi tech Branch in Australia and take more trips around the world to places I've never been.

    Dam you Satan !

    So a few kids got their privates touched a little , they weren't harmed in any way !

    This giving money to victims of sexual abuse isn't in the bible you know !

  • EdenOne

    Maybe the WTS will close shop in Australia ... and leave the NZ branch oversee it remotely. Under the claim of "persecution".


  • _Morpheus

    @joe, they will most certainly fight. They would be fools not to.

    @lemon- i have indeed followed this for a month or two now. Its been discussed in great detail here. The commission has no enforcement power. Its toothless in that regard.

    This continues to be apostate wet dreams. I hate the org and would love to see it fold... This isnt it.

  • Petraglyph

    From the Executive Summary, page 41:

    Standard of proof

    We are satisfied that the standard of proof for a redress scheme should be lower than the common law standard of proof. In all of the circumstances, we are satisfied that ‘reasonable likelihood’ should be the standard of proof adopted for the redress scheme. Although in many cases it may make little difference whether the standard is plausibility or reasonable likelihood, we consider that reasonable likelihood can be applied as a higher standard than plausibility.


    57. ‘Reasonable likelihood’ should be the standard of proof for determining applications for redress.

  • Petraglyph

    And on page 45:


    69. A redress scheme should take the following steps to improve transparency and accountability:


    e. The scheme should publish data, at least annually, about:

    i. the number of applications received

    ii. the institutions to which the applications relate

    iii. the periods of alleged abuse

    iv. the number of applications determined

    v. the outcome of applications

    vi. the mean, median and spread of payments offered

    vii. the mean, median and spread of time taken to determine the application

    viii. the number and outcome of applications for review

    So the adverse publicity is not going to go away any time soon!

  • joe134cd
    If the fought this morpheus and turned their back on this recommendation then I'm sure this would finish them off in Australia in the court of public opinion. I certainly wouldn't want to be going D2D having to answer these questions.
  • hoser
    EdenOne17 minutes ago

    Maybe the WTS will close shop in Australia ... and leave the NZ branch oversee it remotely. Under the claim of "persecution".


    Playing the the persecution card keeps the rank and file stoked in the rest of the world. The end is near.
  • _Morpheus
    It most certainly will not finish them anywhere, Australia included.
  • Diogenesister

    Love it Finklestein 👍👍👍

    Would it not be fantastic if the UK was next then the U.S. For the victims, yes, but the adverse publicity would create a snowball effect whereby further cultish practises within the WT would be newsworthy items.

    VICTORY ✌🍻

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