Wonderful news about Iraq..NO NEED FOR WAR!

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  • happy man
    happy man

    It is a lot to say about this difficult problem, tomorrow peopel all over the word, going to demostrate AGAINST the war, war is no solution to problems, oh yes the military man love war, sitting behind secure walls, and let other do the sacrifice, and kil 1000 of innocent women and children in Irak.

    And can someone present a prof of conection between Sadam and Usaman, I have never se that.

    Why are none talking about what nation how have atomic bombs, and how realy have dangerus wepon in the area, Israel.

    I think this enormus propaganda fore war in US havve blinded the peopel, they dont see clear,

    i am very confused when i read what peopel think on this site, wake upp man, the risk is very bigg if US go fore war, we can have 3 word war, and that will be betwen Christianity and Islam, a nightmare situation, and when you start some it is very difficult to end it, as 2 word war learnd us.

    take care out ther

    love from HM

  • Yerusalyim

    William Pen

    You said,

    Latest news is, most of the European countries are saying give the UN weapons inspectors more time.

    Care to list those countries? Seems to me that 16 out of 19 NATO countries agree with the US.

    Happy Man,

    Your grasp on this situation is quite slippery. Military men love war? I'm in the military, I HATE war. The difference is, I know that war is sometimes necessary.

    The difference between Iraq wanting Nukes and Israel having Nukes is that Israel has never used Weapons of Mass destruction, Iraq has. Israel has not been an aggressor in the region, but only sought self preservation.

    The case linking Al Qaeda and Iraq is clear and convincing, but will never be accepted by those who don't want the link to exist.

    Blix's most telling remark, other than saying that Saddam's regime had proscribed weapons and had rebuilt weapons making apparatti previously destroyed by inspectors was that the inspections would work only if Saddam came clean, something he's been unwilling to do. The war will commence in about two or three weeks. THEN we'll see what he really had.

  • Crazy151drinker

    Wow! This is wonderfull news!! I just hope he dosent recieve some "New Light".

    Speaking of promises, didnt Hitler sign a non-agression pact with Stalin???

  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    Blix is not being naive, he just wants to avoid the unnecessary murdering of innocent men, women and children. War should be the last resort after every other avenue has being exhausted. Should the US right now be more concerned with finishing the war they started with Al Qaeda.

    As far as a murderous dictator is concerned, the US will back anyone supporting them. Unfortunately Iraq may end up with a dictator that is worse the Hussam. I once heard it said we have the governments we deserve. Political changes have to take their natural course.


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  • ThiChi

    Yerusalyim: I agree 100%

    Crazy: What a very powerful point you make.

  • ThiChi

    "Blix is not being naive, he just wants to avoid the unnecessary murdering of ..."

    1: Blix's job is to report the facts, nothing else. If he is doing what you described, then he should be removed, pronto.

    Notwithstanding, Blix has confirmed that the Iraq government as not been forthcoming and WOMD are still missing.

    2: A US occupied Iraq would be the perfect place to continue our fight.

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  • ThiChi

    ""Political changes have to take their natural course.""

    A baseless claim. Name one nation that has never been invaded?

  • RandomTask

    Ahh yes wonderful,

    a document that will surely secure "Peace in our time"

  • happy man
    happy man


    i have respekt for your point, but I thnik what you say proof what I say, you are a military man, and you want war against Irak, I am not a military man , and dont want war against Irak, why? you dont say one world about all this innocent who is going to bee killdm tyoical fore a militay man,

    Wen it comes to israel, I think you must bee brainwashd, what Israle are doing widh the palestinian peopel is a terribel thing, what about when they go into sabra and shatila and sluter 100 of peopel, on Sharson order, i think he some time have to pay fore this,

    war is no solution to problems, i think history show this.

    I am convised over that if Us want saddam away, why was they not take him away last time when they was in war? a very difficult qestion isnt it?

    And today we see the biggest demostraitons seens wietnam, all over the word against WAR, thats give mee some hope .

    Saddam is a very bad man, but you have bad men all over, why is the point only on saddam? Oil?

    In Affrica fore exampel you have some dicktaitors how is realy evel, but US dont care WHY?

    But I saw on TV yesteray that Even in US peopel are awakning upp fore the propagande goverment use to the peopel , as always they use Tv and media to show ther point of wuie,, you ust look truh that, fubby, but when you lokk on CNN, and compare it to what we see here in sweden, you can belive it is to diffrent things you look at.

  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    I think it was General Sherman that said war is hell?? I mean if the US has to go in and take town after town it will get bloody and messy. I know I would not be mentally prepared to go and blow off some innocent child, or an elderly persons head. Just ask most of your Vietnam veterans, they still have to live with the horrors of war and for what??


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