Wonderful news about Iraq..NO NEED FOR WAR!

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    Saddam is playing for time and waiting for good hearted, but ignorant, people like Happyman to bring enough pressure to bear so that the coalition falls apart. Yerusalem is right. Military men hate war. It is they who sacrifice by going in harms way and being separated from their families. Where is Happyman's concern for the tnes of thousands of people that Saddam has murdered over the past 10 years and the thousands he will murder in the future? If France had stood up to Hitler at the appropriate time, WWII could have been averted. Mass peace rallies were being held in this country right up to Pearl Harbor. The military men in the Phillipines and the South Pacific were left to face the Japanese with out of date equipment, no supplies, and no support thanks to the "peace" movement in this country. It is the military men who pay for the politician's mistakes. We need to stand up to Saddam now. The sooner the better.

  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    There may be times when war is the only option left. We in this 21 century should be beyond resorting to using violence to get our own way. I mean that is the lowest from of communications. We as supposed higher intellectual beings, should be beyond the "My stick is bigger than yours stick" mentality. That is street mentality. Sometimes we may have to resort to street mentality to get our point across but shouldn't we as a western culture, that brag about our ideals on human rights, take the higher ground?? We are only stooping to Hussems and Bin Ladens mentality than we are no better than they are. Sure I have to doubt that the US would win a war with Iraq but the escalation will go on. How do you think those people in the Middle east will think of the US after a few years of US backed repressive regime?? It is already starting in Afganistan. Whether it is 5, 10 or 15 years, the terrorists will get back at us and they will make September 11 look like a picnic.


  • Pork Chop
    Pork Chop

    Mr. Pennwell how many innocent women and children are your prepared to see die outside Irag if Hussein is not stopped? What about all the innocent women and children inside Iraq that he's already killed? How many more of them are you prepared to see die because he hasn't been stopped? This guy has invade two countries and launced missiles at five countries. What does it take to get to reality?

    As far as Blix goes, he's revealed his true colors, he will try to thwart war at any cost, he was hand picked in the first place by the appeasement at all costs bunch. He said he needed to "study the document" about no Iraqi WMD, what a load of garbage.

  • seawolf
    Wen it comes to israel, I think you must bee brainwashd, what Israle are doing widh the palestinian peopel is a terribel thing, what about when they go into sabra and shatila and sluter 100 of peopel, on Sharson order, i think he some time have to pay fore this,

    It looks like Sharon will eventually be going to the war crimes trial:

    Israel accused Belgium of anti-semitism yesterday following a court decision which could lead to the prosecution of Ariel Sharon, the Israeli prime minister.

    The Belgian supreme court ruled on Wednesday that Israeli military commanders could be prosecuted for complicity in the massacre of 800 Palestinians in Lebanon in 1982.



    I agree. Things are going back downhill. Women are banned from being on radio again, boys in some areas are forbidden from going to school with girls, girls are not able to go to school since no women to teach them. It's going right back downhill again....


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